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UK Holidaymakers Book Just Four Weeks Ahead For Summer Holidays

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  • British travellers leave it to the last minute, booking just 28 days before departure for summer getaways
  • Despite this, Brits are the earliest bookers for Christmas and winter getaways

London, UK – UK holidaymakers may be missing out on their ideal holiday accommodation due to their status as the latest bookers in Europe for summer breaks, says – one of the world’s leading holiday rental websites. According to data compiled by HouseTrip, British travellers confirm their summer holiday rental just 28 days before date of departure for breaks booked within the six-week school holiday window between mid-July and the end of August. This is less than half the average advance booking period for summer holidays of 59.7 days.

The French are the ones first off the mark for summer rentals, securing their holiday accommodation an average of 66.8 days before departure. Germans follow at 54.4 days, with even the laid-back Spanish beating the Brits by booking their break 37.9 days ahead. The tables turn, however, as Brits are the earliest bookers for Christmas breaks. While the average advance booking period across all markets is 49.4 days, Brits book a whopping 67.8 days in advance of their Christmas holiday to ensure the best selection.

Arnaud Bertrand, Founder and CEO of HouseTrip says: “British travellers are missing out on selection and paying more for their rentals during the summer season due to their late booking behaviour patterns. By the time they make their decisions, French, German and Spanish travellers will have beaten them to the punch. In order to secure the best selection at the best price, we advise British travellers – especially families – to start thinking about their holiday a month earlier than they usually do. This will ensure that properties are available when they want them at the price they want to pay. We suspect that British travellers wait it out to see if the summer will bring good weather. Year after year, Brits hold out until the last minute wishing for the elusive sun to appear – and year after year it stays away.”

Experts predict that due to the placement of the jet stream, this summer may be a repeat of last year’s washout. Vantage Weather Services believes that the entire summer will be a period of above average rainfall with a particularly dire August.1 Demand for a sunny getaway is sure to expand as Brits come to terms with a grey season.

“To be the ideal bargain and satisfaction hunter, it pays to beat the crowds by booking early,” adds Bertrand. “Try and secure accommodation at least a week before the average for any family holiday period or travel outside the peak demand periods and the host may even offer value adds or discounts to secure a stay.”

The full breakdown can be found below:

UK France Germany Spain
February Half
32.6 days 40.6 days 37.7 days 32.9 days 22.3 days
Easter 42.8 days 51.5 days 36.7 days 48.8 days 28.8 days
May Half Term 45.1 days 57.5 days 54.1 days 51.2 days 50.9 days
Summer 59.7 days 28 days 66.8 days 54.4 days 37.9 days
October Half
29.4 days 67.8 days 29.3 days 43.6 days 27.2 days
49.4 days 55.9 days 42.6 days 46.2 days 37.8 days

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