Turpial Travel & Adventure

23 April 2011

For Turpial Travel & Adventure, travel is more than a pastime and ecotourism is more than a trend — they are our business and our core mission. We want our customers to experience Venezuela in a sensitive and sustainable way so that coming generations can see it too. All of our programs are designed to be sustainable and environmentally responsible.

For more than eight years we have specialized in leading small groups of visitors, drawing on a network of local ecoguides and other experts, to show you this untouched natural beauty in a way that is sustainable and limits our footprint. We work extensively with local communities and indigenous people to provide accommodations and services. The Turpial Travel Team understands the sensitivity of each place they take you to and design activities that respect the environment as well as the people and creatures that live in it. When you travel with us, you are sharing our commitment.

Turpial Travel & Adventure seeks out the very best services to meet our customer’s particular needs. We can build specialized, tailor-made tours or develop programs for families or larger groups (up to 12 people). We can even create adventure vacations complete with extreme sports!

Turpial Travel & Adventure is a member of several organizations (STI, TIES, Fundación AndígenA) that protect the environment, study endangered species, and promote sustainable tourism. Turpial Travel is a corporation registered in Venezuela and in the USA. We are a member of ASTA and are proud to be part of the ATTA family now. We look forward to all the wonderful partnership/alliances to be developed through ATTA! When you get a chance, stop by and visit our website (www.turpialtravel.com) to learn more about us and Venezuela.

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