Tucan Travel Egypt Adventures Bring Travellers All-New Rewards

9 March 2011

As post-revolutionary Egypt starts to welcome back tourists, Tucan Travel has seen a renewed interest from travellers looking for an adventure holiday with a difference.

With no travel restrictions in place, now is a fantastic opportunity for travellers to not only witness history in the making as the sun rises on a new and hopefully more democratic Egypt, but to take advantage of smaller crowds at world-famous sites. But perhaps most importantly, new visitors will be making a valuable contribution to a recovering country that relies heavily on tourism.

Regional operations manager at Tucan Travel, Rowena Byrne says that as tourists tentatively consider returning to Egypt after the popular overthrow of Mubarak, at the front of the queue are adventure travellers, for whom a holiday can be about so much more than package deals and seaside resorts.

“Tucan Travel adventure tours to Egypt allow clients to really get to grips with this fascinating, and now rapidly changing country. We have access to some of the best inside knowledge from local tour leaders and Egyptologists, who then share that local expertise and passion for Egypt with our clients,” Byrne said.

By braving bullets to overthrow a much-hated regime, the Egyptian people are beginning a new chapter in this nation’s phenomenal history. Egypt’s economy has for a long time relied heavily on tourism. Perhaps now more than ever they need the travellers to return. But there’s more than just self-interest behind the warm welcome extended to the world; Egyptians are rightly proud of what they have achieved and are looking to share their new freedom with the rest of the world.

By doing something as rewarding as visiting this special country, people will be directly contributing to history as its being made.

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