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10 May 2016

Tsuruga Group Opens “Akan Yuku no Sato TSURUGA”

Lake-Akan-FishingGuests of Akan Yuku no Sato Tsuruga are first greeted in lobby by the sight of two magnificent Japanese red-crowned crane carvings made by local master wood carver Masamitsu Takiguchi. Revered by the local Ainu people as the deity of the marsh, the Japanese red-crowned crane is also the namesake of the Tsuruga Group. The character “Tsuru” means crane while “Ga” means elegant. Much like these elegant and symbolic wooden carvings, the charms of the Group’s first hotel Akan Yuku no Sato Tsuruga can be found in its fusion of traditional Japanese aesthetics with Lake Akan’s own unique location and culture.

Activity and nature of Hokkaido

Tsuruga Group Hotels are located in National Parks or Quasi National Parks, protected by Japan’s Ministry of Environment.

The nature of Hokkaido is just one step away from the hotel entrance. Lake-Akan is well known for the fly fishing, known as Japan’s Fly Fisherman Sanctuary. Also Tsruga Group Hotels has “Outdoor Activity Division” that has strong connection with Japan’s A class outdoor guide.

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Watch Hokkaido’s nature videos:

Lake-Akan’s Spring & Summer

Lake-Akan’s Autumn

Lake-Akan’s Winter

Central Hokkaido’s Summer

Central Hokkaido’s Autumn

Central Hokkaido’s Winter

Hokkaido and Tsuruga Group’s 12 Facilities

Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido is blessed with some of Japan’s most dynamic and awe-inspiring natural environments, which include old-growth forests, pristine lakes, scenic mountains and vast oceans. Greatly inspired by this natural environment, the Tsuruga Group is committed to providing its guests with warm hospitality and distinct resort accommodations only made possible in Hokkaido.

Eastern Hokkaido as well as Lake Shikotsu and Jozankei each have a unique history and charms of their own. In addition to world-class hot springs, each resort property features a distinct design concept and character that provides guests with an environment where they can relax and unwind amidst the wonders of nature. Each resort has also earned a reputation for its fine dining that capitalizes on the treasure trove of fresh foods found in Hokkaido. Our hotel restaurants serve a kaleidoscope of seasonal favorites and delicacies using a menu that is refined daily by the head chef.

The Tsuruga Group also recognizes that working closely with the local community to develop health and eco tourism programs as well as tourism resources plays an integral role in revitalizing local economies. In this regard, we stand committed to being a fixture in the local community for many years to come.

Join us at one of our resort properties to discover a truly amazing Hokkaido getaway experience like no other.

Lake-Akan Area

Akan Yuku no Sato TSURUGA

The hotel’s traditional hot springs include a total of 33 different baths. The first floor main bath area is known for its outdoor garden bath located flush with Lake Akan features a richly traditional Japanese-inspired design. From the rustically appointed eighth floor view bath and sky bath, guests are treated to the same magnificent panorama of Lake Akan as the mythical deities of the area might have once gazed upon. Guests can also experience fine dining that takes full advantage of the fresh, rich and bold local ingredients from Hokkaido has to offer. The hotel’s restaurants include a buffet-style restaurant and traditional Japanese kaiseki restaurant serving multi-course dinners. Designed with comfort in mind, guestroom designs incorporate Japanese aesthetics with the rustic charm of the Lake Akan area and are available in a variety of unique types and layouts.


Lake Akan Tsuruga Wings is "New Style" – stylish and contemporary - hot spring Ryokan (Japanese inn). All guests meet many art works, delicious and beautiful buffet dishes, of course nice hot spring (onsen) at Lake Akan Tsuruga Wings. In Lake Akan Tsuruga Wings there are only 6 hot spring communal bath tabs and more guests are available sister hotel "Tsuruga Akan Yuku no Sato" hot spring facility which are more than 25 hot spring bath tabs. When you stay at Leke Akan Tsuruga Wings please try "Hot Stone Sauna" which is popular sauna in Japan. It will be unique experience for you.

Akan Tsuruga Bessou HINANOZA

Akan Tsuruga Bessou HINANOZA offers exclusive luxury accommodations on the picturesque shores of Lake Akan tucked away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Each of the hotel’s spacious guest suites features its own unique interior design touches and a private outdoor hot spring bath. Join us to also discover the hotel’s renowned Japanese kaiseki multi-course dinners highlighting the fresh local foods that Eastern Hokkaido has to offer.

Forest of Lake Akan Tsuruga Resort HANAYUUKA

Forest of Lake Akan Tsuruga Resort HANAYUUKA is a casual and romantic resort featuring tastefully appointed guestrooms, fine dining, hot spring baths, foot massage treatments as well as a gallery showcasing the lithograph works of Raymond Peynet and a picture book library with works from around the world. Join us to discover a tranquil getaway that is sure to rejuvenate your mind and body amidst the old-growth forests and crystal clear lakes of the Akan area.

Tsuruga Lake-Akan Lodge TURANO

In the Ainu language the word turano means together. Tsuruga Lake Akan Lodge TURANO is a simple bed and breakfast style accommodation where guests can freely indulge in the many outdoor activities offered in the beautiful Lake Akan area. Join us to experience the many natural wonders of Hokkaido or bring your pet along for an exciting getaway in the great outdoors.

Lake-Kussharo Area

Lake-Kussharo Tsuruga Auberge SoRa

The Japanese character, pronounced sora, refers to the sky when the sun is at its highest point on a summer’s day. Tsuruga Auberge SoRa is situated in the perfect environment on the shores of Lake Kussharo to enjoy this magnificent summer sky of Hokkaido. This boutique lodge-inspired accommodation offers healthy French cuisine made with local produce from Hokkaido and two exclusive guest suites. Join us to discover the warm hospitality and many wonders Hokkaido has to offer.

Okhotsk Area

Lake-Saroma Tsuruga Resort

Lake Saroma Tsuruga Resort is located on the picturesque shores of Lake Saroma, commonly known as Saroman Blue, and affords stunning views of magical orange sunsets over the lake. Join us to discover fine dining, famous hot springs, stunning views and warm hospitality unique to the Okhotsk area of Hokkaido.

HOKUTEN NO OKA Lake-Abashiri Tsuruga Resort

The Okhotsk people appeared on the shores of the north to live off the fertile lands of Hokkaido, but disappeared under mysterious circumstances. HOKUTEN NO OKA Lake Abashiri Tsuruga Resort is a hotel located on the shores of Lake Abashiri that pays homage to these people through distinctive design elements and accents. Join us to experience a unique Hokkaido getaway that offers fine dining, spa treatments, and guestrooms with their own private outdoor hot spring bath.

Central Hokkaido Area

Lake-Shikotsu Tsuruga Resort Spa MIZU NO UTA

Lake Shikotsu Tsuruga Resort Spa MIZU NO UTA is a resort spa on the shores of Lake Shikotsu that focused on the themes of water, wellness and relaxation. The hotel offers luxurious unique accommodations, soothing hot spring baths, and fine dining that includes both a healthy buffet using local organic produce and traditional Japanese kaiseki multi-course dinners. Join us to discover the warm hospitality and natural wonders of the Lake Shikotsu area.

Jozankei Tsuruga Resort Spa MORI NO UTA

Guests of the Jozankei Tsuruga Resort Spa MORI NO UTA are welcomed by the site of a distinctive tree-inspired cast iron hearth in the hotel’s Forest Lounge. Situated in the midst of a picturesque gorge and old-growth forest, the hotel features a wide variety of forest-inspired touches found in its Forest Terrace, Forest Bar, guestrooms, esthetic spa, outdoor hot spring baths, and fine dining opportunities. Join us to discover a hotel experience like no other.

Niseko Area

Niseko Konbu Onsen Tsuruga Besso MOKU NO SHO

The Japanese aesthetic value of that admires the detailed aged lines of wood and the warmth from its contrasting colors. Our goal is to preserve and pass on this delicate sensitivity. MOKU NO SHO is boutique Japanese-style hot springs hotel with an air of nostalgia and where guests will enjoy a comfortable and relaxing getaway experience amidst the backdrop of an old growth forest.

Tsuruga Group is committed to making your guest experience one you will never forget. Visit us to experience the truest sense of warm, traditional hospitality that has been passed down for generations in this the great north of Japan.