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Tropic Ice Dive

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Diving under the midnight sun

My ancestor eleven generations back – Hans Egede – was permitted by King Frederik IV of Denmark to go to Greenland to establish a mission and search for the remains of the Norse colony. He went in 1721 and founded Greenlands capital Nuuk in 1728.

Tropic Ice Dive does not aim for these kinds of achievements, but we can give the experienced diver an adventure of a life time!

Traveling Greenland is an experience for all senses. With Tropic Ice Dive, you can see more than the tip of the iceberg, hear the blow from a whale, and dive through the kelp forest to well preserved wrecks that very few people have dived.

The climate changes have a big impact on the Arctic and things are changing fast. Go now and get the most of your visit.

Outstanding dive trips to extraordinary destinations

Under the motto “Outstanding dive trips to extraordinary destinations” Tropic Ice Dive was founded in 2006 with Greenland as the main destination and the goal to give divers an adventure-of-a-lifetime.

Our selection of destinations has become wider, but we keep our focus on high quality trips for small groups, combining the adventure above and under water, leaving time for the unexpected. Spending time with whales, visiting an abandoned settlement and experiencing life in the towns. Enjoying what the moment brings, not being restricted by a tight schedule, and with plenty of space for the adventure you want.

Tropic Ice Dive works with local people who know the nature and culture very well. That means youʼre sure to have the best experience diving an iceberg as well as dogsledding in Greenland, diving the reefs or visiting an inland village in Saudi Arabia, playing with seals or diving with the great white sharks in the Pacific Ocean.

Visitors from all over the world

Our visitors come from many different places and with very different goals. Film-crews, researchers and tourists – all with different needs. They come to get the professionalism and flexibility which Tropic Ice Dive can offer.

We work with local specialists possessing great local knowledge about people, culture and nature. Small groups means that we can improvise during the trip. This gives us and our guests the possibility to make change during the trip, giving the guests the adventure they came for.

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