Trendwatch: International Travel, Value Consciousness and Emerging Destinations

7 October 2012

A recent article on Travel Agenct Central revealed survey results from Travel Guard, who polled agents about international industry trends.

Some major trends to watch:

  • International travel spending is on the rise, with 86 percent of agents reporting their clientele spending the same amount or more than last year.
  • However, value consciousness and affordbality were the top priroties of clients for 32 percent of respondent agents.
  • Sixty-three percent said that clients were going farther afield and considering more exotic and / or emerging destinations.
  • Interestingly, 16 percent of clients traveled to destinations based on being able to go to several countries in one trip, while another 7 percent reportedly chose their travel plans based on the availability of adventure or outdoor activity.
For more trends and detailed statistics, please read the entire article.