Trekking for Kids

2 January 2012

Trekking for Kids harnesses a traveler's love of adventure and combines it with a desire to help orphaned and at-risk children who live in the shadows of iconic trekking destinations. Since its inaugural trek in 2005, TFK trekkers have spread hope across five continents, impacting the lives of hundreds of children. Nearly half a million dollars has been raised by trekkers for high-impact infrastructure and sustainability projects in orphanages where treks take place. One hundred percent of the donations raised by trekkers goes to the projects, ranging from a new dormitory in Thailand, to a new floor on an existing building in Nepal, projects are designed to bring the children's homes a step closer to sustainability.

Once in country, trekkers put the finishing touches on the project, then embark upon a trek of a lifetime. TFK footprints can be found at Everest Base Camp, Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu, and countless other iconic destinations.

Join us in March, 2012, on a TFK Signature Trek to Patagonia! Visit our website for details:

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