Travel Ecuador Introduces the World to New Destination City: Cuenca, Ecuador

10 May 2011

As new transportation options open up the colonial city of Cuenca to international tourism market, Travel Ecuador is leading the way in organized tours in the area.

Quito, ECUADOR – Travel Ecuador, a leading Ecuador tour operator is promoting the colonial city of Cuenca as their top destination in Ecuador. Drastic improvements to Ecuador’s transportation infrastructure have opened up the high mountain city of Cuenca as one of Ecuador’s most appealing international tourism destinations.

Despite being Ecuador’s third largest city, Cuenca manages to retain a charming small town atmosphere and simple way of life. Cuenca has recently gained international attention from its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as being recognized as International Living Magazine’s #1 Retirement Haven. The city’s stunning 18th century colonial architecture, Incan ruins, Andean culture and traditions, and the outstanding natural resources of nearby Cajas National Park make Cuenca an outstanding destination to visit. Recent improvements to road and air travel infrastructure have made Cuenca easily accessible from Ecuador’s port city of Guayaquil, and it is now possible to travel from Cuenca to the Galapagos Islands on the same day.

Travel Ecuador has been operating tour programs in Ecuador for over 18 years and they firmly believe that Cuenca has best sights and experiences that Ecuador has to offer. Travel Ecuador’s Cuenca programs feature tours of Cuenca’s city center featuring 18th century cathedrals and colonial architecture, and a walk through Cuenca’s traditional open marketplaces and narrow cobblestone streets. Travelers will also get to experience a tour of the Pumapungo Incan ruins, spend time in the beautiful Andean landscapes of Cajas National Park, and tour nearby rural villages largely untouched by tourism to learn about traditional Andean pastoral heritage and agriculture techniques, meet local artisans, and take an exclusive tour of a beautiful rose plantation in the Andes Mountains.

Travel Ecuador specializes in designing and operating completely custom tour programs for their distribution partners, enabling their partners to provide exclusive Ecuadorian travel experiences for their clients. Juan Rodriguez, founder of Travel Ecuador and native of Cuenca, has been conceiving, planning and operating high-quality custom trips throughout South America for over 18 years. Juan has always preferred to work with North American travel companies, which allow him to focus on creating amazing, exclusive experiences that meet the high standards of his partners and their clientele.