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Transformational Travel in Iceland: Global Family Travels to Inspire Climate Action

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With the world’s eyes on Glasgow and the global Climate Change conference, Global Family Travels has just unveiled a unique adventure that will help create awareness about the very real changes being brought about by climate change. Global Family Travels’ transformative adventure that explores the beauty of Iceland’s ever-changing landscape while also providing immersive first-hand education about how the warming climate is dramatically altering this country’s natural environment including visibly eroding glaciers and devastating the food sources for local wildlife.

From beginning to end, this new trip to Iceland (which is appropriate for travelers from 8 to 80 years old) was created to educate participants about our changing climate and inspire them to take up the cause, spreading the critical message about the need to protect this planet we call home.

As has become abundantly clear, we have about one decade left to take meaningful action addressing the climate crisis in order to avoid irreversible changes and harm to many of earth’s natural systems.  We all bear responsibility for addressing climate change and reaching the Net Zero emissions goal before 2050—including travelers and the travel industry—both of whom must be active participants in achieving such an important benchmark.

Global Family Travels, which is a signatory and launch partner of the Glasgow Declaration to accelerate climate action in tourism, is dedicated to helping the travelers we serve take meaningful action to protect the environment, whether that’s by organizing trips to help tackle global challenges, planning adventures closer to home that support and protect the environment and local cultures or finding alternative modes of transportation to minimize emissions. 

This Transformational Iceland trip is the latest example of Global Family Travels’ efforts to help raise awareness among travelers about the challenges the planet faces and turn them into changemakers and messengers about these pressing issues. This trip will put travelers on the front lines of climate change allowing them to witness first-hand the devastating toll it is taking on the natural environment.

You can read more about this unique trip in the company’s recent blog post.

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