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Tozeur, the Spirit of the Desert

5 November 2023

We are pleased to introduce the Adventure and Outdoor Tourism Development project in Tunisia (AOTD Tunis), executed by ATTA under the "Promotion of Sustainable Tourism" project, implemented by the Ministry of Tourism with the support of GIZ and jointly funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and by the European Union as part of its program Tounes Wijhetouna - وجهتنا تونس. Within the heart of this initiative, 12 exceptional enterprises hailing from Tozeur, Zaghouan, Mahdia, and El Kef have been carefully handpicked to craft innovative, one-of-a-kind experiences and to partake in dynamic market activation endeavors.

These four regions are the playgrounds where adventure and outdoor tourism flourish, driven by a commitment to diversity, top-notch quality, cutting-edge tourism offerings, and sustainability. Through this series of articles you will learn more about these regions and this destination.

The Desert of Tunisia

Talking about Tunisia without mentioning the desert would be like amputating a part of its soul! In Tozeur, dunes and oases share the spotlight, offering spectacular landscapes of canyons, waterfalls, and endless palm groves. The land of poets, Tozeur and its surroundings invoke reconnection with nature, with others, and above all, with oneself. Travelers can open themselves to beauty, take the time to explore and visit workshops in a slow-paced manner, all while savoring the miraculous fruits of palm trees, the finest dates in Tunisia! How to preserve authenticity and the welcoming of travelers? This is the challenge that the southern Tunisian region has undertaken, between desert camps, workshop visits, and experiences in the heart of palm groves.

Like a Bedouin

Bouchouicha Travel honors Bedouin traditions with its tent festival, which takes place every year in Hazoua, an oasis located 30 kilometers from Tozeur. Outside the festival period, you can experience the life of a Bedouin in two camps, the Rimel camp and the Lina camp around Hazoua, designed to preserve traditions and the hospitality so dear to nomadic peoples. Comfortably equipped tents for restful sleep and days filled with simple activities centered on sharing; this is the guiding principle of Bouchouicha Travel. Here, you learn to bake desert bread, listen to the silence, and engage with women artisans.

© ATTA / Rupert Shanks, Julien Cazaubon

In an Imaginary World

You could visit the Star Wars sets, but you could also feel like Mowgli by climbing palm trees with Tozorous. Tozeur's wealth is built on its palm grove and the sweet goodness of its dates, renowned worldwide. Sarra Zoghlami, a native of the region, imagines discovery days around the palm trees: from date harvesting to its transformation, including a ride aboard a carriage at sunset, stand-up on the sand using mats and sticks. Any dream can become a reality; you just need to ask!

Artisan Routes

Embark on a virtuous journey! At a time when we question the benefits of tourism, it's possible to feed travelers in a different way by offering enriching exchanges and exploring age-old craftsmanship. Nargès Ben Mlouka honors these women and men through craftsmanship that inherently promotes a certain way of being. In small groups, to create an intimate space with others, she unfolds the road of artisans from north to south. These journeys are punctuated by meetings, discoveries, initiations, meditation, and breaks in exceptional places. Knowing her country deeply, she adapts to requests and always seeks the universality of exchanges based on goodwill and sharing. For unique moments, off the beaten path.

To learn more about this region and the AOTD Tunis project, visit Adventure.Travel.

© ATTA / Rupert Shanks, Julien Cazaubon