TourRadar Increases Bookable Multi­Day Tour Inventory by 5x

14 October 2014

TourRadar rolls out its Trusted Booking Marketplace to 250+ Multi­Day Tour Operators Worldwide

Vienna, AUSTRIA - TourRadar, the web and mobile marketplace for group travel has launched a payment and messaging platform connecting small/medium sized tour operators with customers. Now with 20,000 bookable multi­day tours (previously 4,000) TourRadar boasts the largest unbiased selection on the web.

Just two weeks after the switch, customers are giving the thumbs­up to the upgrade in functionality bookings for small/medium operator’s products have increased up to 350%.

Tour Operators can provide their trip details, departure dates and prices in a number of ways. TourRadar encourages the use of real­time connections, but the system is flexible and can handle the following integration methods:

  1. Reservation platforms such as TourCMS, where availability, descriptions & images can be read in real time and bookings written­in automatically (without having to manage and maintain both a supply side inventory management / CRM and a retail marketplace like TourRadar).
  2. A connection to the operator’s own proprietary databases (read XML or read/write API)
  3. TourRadar’s Extranet ­ designed for niche operators who can’t provide either of the above solutions.
The process for a customer booking a tour on has been streamlined for the online experience:
  • A customer compares & selects a tour, then checks out using their credit card
  • The tour operator confirms/declines or updates the booking (ability to add single supplement, transfers, local payments, etc)
  • Once the operator confirms the booking, payment is taken and the customer receives the operator’s tour voucher
Travis Pittman, TourRadar’s CEO & Co­Founder says “This is a major milestone in becoming the go­to distribution system gluing the key parts of the tour industry (supply & retail) together online. We’re excited about the opportunity to drive more bookings to our suppliers by providing industry­leading technology and marketing, and most importantly trust to the customer.”

TourRadar started the screening process of the 300 operators currently on their waiting list and is accepting new operator applications for their marketplace.