Top Travel Blogs: Austin-Lehman Adventures Announces Its First Official List of Best Travel Bloggers of 2011

11 April 2011

Billings, MT– Award-winning tour operator Austin-Lehman Adventures, the active travel company setting adventure tours standards in The Americas, Europe, Africa and beyond, pays close attention to top travel blogs. The company recently announced their first annual top blogger list to honor deserving bloggers and to provide travelers with another resource when searching for advice and adventure.

On April 7 the company posted on its adventure travel blog its list of the Top 125 Best Travel Blog Semi-Finalists. From this list, the experts at Austin-Lehman Adventures picked their top 10 favorite blogs and awarded these bloggers with the honor of Top 10 Best Travel Blog Finalist. On April 8, the company announced this list on its adventure travel blog.

The travel company’s staff applied specific criteria while reading through hundreds of travel-related blogs to come up with 125 of the world’s best travel blogs. They looked for such things as readability, unique content, honesty, integrity, accompanying content such as video and photos, useful links and posting frequency.

As recognition for their excellence, the Top 125 bloggers will have the opportunity to present on their blogs a trip giveaway for two on any Austin-Lehman Adventure of their choice (at a capped credit of $5,000). Options include cycling tours, hiking trips, multi-sport adventures, family adventures and rafting trips (82 different itineraries spanning 28 countries worldwide).

Followers of these Top 125 blogs must go to the Austin-Lehman giveaway page, which only these select bloggers have access to, and enter their name, email address and the name or URL of the specific blog they read in order to enter the contest. The promotion will run from now through 11:59 p.m. on May 19, 2011. Winners will be announced on Austin-Lehman Adventures’ blog the next day.

“We're excited to share these bloggers with the world,” said Dan Austin, founder and owner. “Each blog provides the most fascinating, up-to-date content on travel tips, destinations (such as Yellowstone tours), active travel, family adventures and the everyday life of a traveler. These blogs are imaginative, fun, original and poignant; reaching to the heart of what traveling is all about: discovery, adventure and finding yourself.”

The Top 125 Semi-Finalists and the Top 10 Finalists are also invited to place a custom-designed award badge on their blog.

“These bloggers are truly the best in the blogosphere, providing beautifully written travel posts that highlight their expert knowledge, undeniable passion, cultural insight and unique, personal experiences,” said Austin.

Austin-Lehman Adventures’ Top 10 blogs are (in random order):

To view the complete list of Top 125 Best Travel Blog Semi-Finalists, please go to Austin-Lehman Adventures’ Blog.