Tomorrow's Air Co-Founder Christina Beckmann Hosts Lorelei Kelly on Airrows on Air Podcast

18 November 2021

The recent COP26 in Glasglow, Scotland brought together more than 100 world leaders along with thousands of activists from around the world protesting a lack of action to combat climate change.  World leaders and dramatic protests are just one element of the climate movement, however; what happens on the local stage is also significant and influential.

Considering the influence of local views in national policies and how to increase local engagement is the topic of this episode of Airrows on Air, with guest Lorelei Kelly, the founder of the Resilient Democracy Coalition (RDC) based at the Beeck Center for Social Impact and Innovation at Georgetown University.  Lorelei Kelly is an expert on inclusive and informed democratic systems and her work explores how data, technology, and new participation methods can increase civic voice in the lawmaking process.

Listen to Airrows on Air Podcast Episode 21 with Lorelei Kelly