Todos Santos Eco Adventures Is Ready for A Glamping Uptick

25 May 2021

Although “glamping” has been on the radar since 2005 (or 2007, depending on who you read) it may be that the pandemic is bringing about the opportunity for its dramatic expansion.  According to research published in February 2021, “more active leisure travelers have plans to take glamping trips (45.9 percent) after COVID-19 when permissible than hotel/resort trips (24.7 percent).

As the researchers observe, it is not surprising that travelers coming out of the pandemic are more interested in accommodations that provide social distancing, are closer to home, and offer outdoor recreation. This is prompting both established and new entrants to the adventure travel tours and accommodations segments to consider innovations to their offerings. For Todos Santos Eco Adventures founders Sergio and Bryan Jáuregui the decision to add a luxury tent camp, Camp Cecil de la Sierra, to their existing lodging in November 2019, was an easy one. The company had offered Sierra hiking trips for years and saw an opportunity to partner with one of their longtime friends, a ranch owner ready to build more ecotourism into his livelihood. As Bryan relates the story, “At the age of 60, Chito was keen on ecotourism as an alternative to the hard business of raising cows, particularly as rain has been increasingly scarce over the last 35 years, a fact that increases the inherent difficulties of ranching.” For their tented camp in the Sierra La Laguna biosphere reserve surrounded by the avocado, grapefruit, and mango orchard that Chito's grandfather planted for his grandmother, he even built a traditional ranchero kitchen with a brick wood-burning stove that now resides at the heart of the camp. 

Todos Santos Eco Adventures founders Bryan and Sergio met when he was a kayaking guide and she was a guest on Isla Espiritu Santo and since 2002 have been building Todos Santos Eco Adventures into the leading eco adventure company in the region. With climate top of mind, they joined Tomorrow’s Air this spring as an Education Partner, helping support the collective’s carbon removal education efforts in travel along with removing and permanently storing one ton of carbon dioxide. In addition, Todos Santos Eco Adventures is offering Tomorrow’s Air Leader and Champion subscribers a fifteen percent discount on stays at its three properties. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about Todos Santos’ approach to luxury camping from Bryan Jáuregui herself when she joins a panel at the upcoming Eco Hotel Restart Summit on June 17 to share how the company is incorporating both local nature-based climate action solutions and technology into strategies that support business growth and climate consciousness.

Learn more about a Tomorrow’s Air partnership for your travel business here; learn more about Todos Santos Eco Adventures and their properties:  Camp Cecile de la Isla, Camp Cecile de la Sierra, and Los Colibris Casitas.

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