Toad&Co Announces New Ecomm Revenue Sharing Program Aimed at Independent Specialty Retailers

13 March 2020

Toad&Co today announced an new Ecommerce revenue sharing program aimed at helping independent specialty brick & mortar retailers weather the upcoming effects of COVID-19. This is the first program if its kind that we have seen where a brand is actively putting a strategy in place to help its retailers get through the economic uncertainty associated with COVID-19.

Effective on March 15, Toad&Co will begin sharing 10% of all new customer Ecommerce revenue with their independent specialty brick & mortar retailers. This program will be in place for at least two months but will be extended and/or expanded as circumstances dictate.

This initiative is solely intended to demonstrate Toad&Co’s continued and unflinching commitment to their community of independent specialty brick & mortar retailers through a continuously changing market environment.

“I hope that much of the predicted public health risk associated with COVID-19 is overstated and life returns to normal in short order,” notes Gordon Seabury, Toad&Co CEO. “That said, we cannot ignore the reality we could be facing a considerable retail disruption. Many of our retail partners have been major brand supporters, loyal partners and friends over the last 20 years. I sincerely hope the disruption from COVID-19 is short lived and low impact on our businesses but in the meantime, we stand with our retailers shoulder to shoulder.”

Program details can be found here:

  • All independent specialty brick & mortar retailers nationwide will be automatically included.
  • 10% of net revenue from first-time customers will be calculated by sales territory.
  • Revenue will be allocated to eligible sales territory retailers and shared with your sales rep.
  • Retailer allocation will be on a prorated basis by net pre-season Spring ’20 orders.
  • A voucher will be issued to each retailer to be used against future preseason orders.
  • If your store is forced to close due to employee health risks or regional quarantine, please immediately notify your sales rep or our in-house service team as Toad&Co has additional programs that can support you financially in those instances.
  • Toad&Co will provide regular updates and evolve the program to appropriately address needs.

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