Timely Online Courses + Professional Membership for Tourism Professionals

10 November 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses and professionals alike are prioritizing education as a way to survive and thrive amidst an uncertain tourism future. Countries and regions such as Canada, Norway, Jordan, and Auvergne Rhône Alpes region of France have committed resources to support the continued education of local operators and professionals. With business at a standstill, dedicating time and resources to prepare for the moment travelers get back on the road, in the air, and at sea is in full force.

Launched this past summer mid pandemic, Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA)’s online education courses and Professional Membership option offer travel professionals, guides, students of tourism, and entrepreneurs entering the market a bridge to a community of passionate individuals, industry leaders, and flexible education options. Due to the pandemic's negative financial impact on a majority of businesses and individuals in the travel industry, ATTA’s Professional Membership price has been temporarily reduced from $150 to $99 USD for the year, which saves an individual over $500 as compared to a Business Membership. 

One of the benefits enjoyed by Professional and Business Members of ATTA is saving up to 40% on online educational courses throughout the year. This week the ATTA announced that these members will save up to 50% on three key online education courses during a limited time sale through 18 December. These courses all offer different options for individuals to be market-ready once the pent of demand for travel hits. Adventure travel is sure to be among the top tourism niches to recover as travelers yearn to be outside in natural spaces, choose to travel in small groups, and itch to be able to focus on their adventure activity of choice. 

The following three-course tracks support the new entrepreneur, the business owner looking to develop more skills and round out their knowledge toolbox, and for guides looking to build on their more traditional skills-based training.

Adventure Travel Guide Training - Becoming a skilled adventure travel guide takes more than expertise at a given activity. Adventure travel guide experts know the nuances of calming nerves, managing group dynamics, assessing risks, conveying sustainable best practices, and weaving a well-timed tale to satisfy and please a weary traveler. In this six-track course, you’ll learn from a veteran guide and adventure travel business owner who has over 30 years of experience. Learn more.

Adventure Travel Business Management - Passionate new business owners looking to start a tour operator business or entrepreneurs who seek to understand, align, or partner with adventure businesses would benefit from this course. Understand the needs of an adventure business from the tourism supply chain, financial models, trade marketing and partnerships, product design and customer experience, safety and risk management, and crafting a sustainable business. Two veteran adventure business owners bring their practical hands-on experience in this six-track course giving you tricks of the trade from two different global perspectives. Best in the business, this course will steer a new adventure business towards success. Learn more

Safety & Risk Management - Being prepared ahead of time, before an accident happens, is absolutely critical. This course provides a framework that supports inclusion, analysis, management, and new protocols for new risks, such as COVID-19. Safety and risk management is a fundamental and essential discipline at all times, but especially during unprecedented global events. This course allows tour operators and service providers to implement additional safety, sanitation, and hygiene practices in a much more efficient, organized, and structured way. In a seven-course track, ATTA experienced educators bring valuable in the field and in the business knowledge to one of the most important topics for adventure travel businesses to understand. Learn more.

ATTA online educator and travel operator, Jean-Claude Razel, said when asked about the courses, "Open your mind, try a new approach, be challenged: take a training NOW to make the most of this unstable time and find a new path towards sustainable adventure travel. The three online trainings have been designed to help you, your team, and your business become more adapted to the enormous challenges ahead."     

When a Professional Member purchases one of the bundled courses the price ranges from $299 to $383. This is an outstanding value for courses that offer at least six videos, training modules, downloadable resources, expert interviews, and quizzes to test knowledge retention. All students receive a certificate upon course completion.

Receive this savings as a Professional or a Business member. Membership gives you access to benefits such as a community of adventure travel professionals in 100 countries; business resources, guides, and legal templates; free access to educational webinars and industry research reports; and an industry-specific career center. 

Joining the ATTA helps your business develop, introduces you to the best and brightest minds in the industry, and allows you to have a bigger impact by collaborating on a collective purpose.