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Tia Stephanie Tours Organizes Unique Cultural Tourism FAM Trip for ATMEX, Adventure Travel Mexico’s Business Development and Marketing Forum

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Tia Stephanie Tours’ founder, Stephanie Schneiderman, will also speak on the topic of cultural Tourism at the ATMEX conference.

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This year, one of the ATMEX pre-marketplace industry FAM trips (August 21-25), will highlight Cultural Tourism, and Tia Stephanie Tours has been selected to arrange and lead this tour.  Tia Stephanie Tours’ founder, Stephanie Schneiderman, will also present a session at the ATMEX conference on August 28, 10:15-11:15 am, on why “Heritage and Culture are an Essential Part of the Tourist’s Experience”.  She will give examples of how Mexico’s living culture can be incorporated into nature and adventure tour offerings, and she will provide examples of Best Cultural Tourism Practices in Mexico.  Tia Stephanie Tours has been a pioneer in cultural tourism to Mexico since 2006.

Tia Stephanie Tours’ unique cultural FAM for selected operators, agents, and media, will be concentrated in the state of Puebla (about a two drive east of Mexico City), including Puebla City and the nearby indigenous villages of Cuetzalan, Cholula, Atlixco, and Los Reyes Metzontla.  The focus will be on textile traditions, art history, ancient rituals and festivals, culinary heritage, ancient civilizations and living cultures.  The ATTA has identified “Cultural Experiences as one of the ‘three pillars’ forming the definition of adventure travel, the others being Nature and Adventure Activities.”

According to Antonio del Rosal, Executive Director – Latin America at Adventure Travel Trade Association, tourism should “leave a positive trace both in the communities visited and in the hearts and minds of travelers,” with whom destinations and operators wish to further their knowledge and understanding of the place they are visiting. Adds Stephanie Schneiderman, “the true meaning and feeling of place comes from the people who live and have lived there.  Meeting them personally, allows visitors to become insiders. It allows them to discover a wonderful land beyond just natural beauty, via markets and myths, crafts and cuisine, conversations and connections.  It fosters understanding, appreciation, and a desire to return to learn and experience even more.”

Highlights of the five-day FAM tour include:

  • A Puebla culinary exploration with Chef Liz Galicia, dissecting both the flavor and history of mole sauces and pipianes (sauces or dips made from ground seeds, especially pumpkin seeds).
  • The historic center of Puebla with its cathedral, library, local candy shop, handicraft market, and antique alley
  • The town of Cholula, with its temple, pyramid, and chapel, and its “talavera” style pottery workshop
  • The greenhouses and market of Atlixco
  • Meeting the indigenous Nahua weavers of Cuetzalan, who will also demonstrate their seasonal pole-fly-around agricultural ritual and exploring the ancient market and picturesque waterfall and cave
  • An inspection at the Museo del Agua to learn of the ancient wonder grain, amaranth.
  • A visit to the community of Los Reyes Metzontla to see the pre-hispanic burnished pottery

For more information on the 2014 ATMEX conference and marketplace, being held in San Cristobal de las Casas, in the state of Chiapas, but promoting and selling all of Mexico, access the full program online.

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