Thomson Safaris recognized by National Geographic Traveler

30 April 2008

 Explorer's Safari named one of 50 Tours of a Lifetime...

Boston, MA - National Geographic Traveler has recognized Thomson Safaris as offering one of 50 Tours of a Lifetime.

In its May / June issue, the magazine featured the award-winning tour operator for its Explorer's Safari, a 12-day active adventure in Tanzania that includes a hike through the Great Rift Valley as led by a Maasai warrior.

"We were thrilled to discover that many outfitters share our vision that travel should ultimately not be acquisitive and superficial but connect us more deeply to the planet and to the people in it," notes Norie Quintos, senior editor at National Geographic Traveler magazine. "The other wonderful thing we discovered is that one doesn't necessarily have to rough it to travel authentically and sustainably."

The magazine featured The Explorer's Safari among other top active tours for 2008. The East African voyage begins with a stay in a remote wilderness preservation area, which is exclusively for Thomson travelers and offers adventurous opportunities not available within many national parks, such as night game drives, safari hikes, cultural activities, and Maasai village visits. What's more, travelers can take heart in knowing that Thomson Safaris is currently making efforts to restore the preservation's habitat, increase wildlife numbers, and engage in community-based tourism with the Maasai who live in the area.

Balanced with some traditional wildlife viewing in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Conservation Area, the tour later heads out on foot for a three-day hike through the Great Rift Valley and surrounding Maasailands, where travelers can explore remote craters, flamingo-lined soda lakes, and stunning, untouched landscapes. With a donkey caravan transporting bags and equipment, the hike is led by a senior naturalist Tanzanian guide and a Maasai warrior.

"We are honored that National Geographic Traveler has recognized the Explorer's Safari," said Thomson Safaris director and co-founder, Judi Wineland. "Furthermore, we are thrilled more and more travelers see the value in trips that promote sustainability and empower communities."