Think 10 Steps Ahead & More Highlights from 2016 ATWS

8 November 2016

The months after an Adventure Travel World Summit are always a highlight as we relive the memories from our time together. It is always a pleasure to pour through the powerful ways the Summit has impacted people and their businesses; read and view the amazing work from attending media; and to share the videos and photos from our Storytelling team. In addition to the wrap up video above, here are some examples of the results and highlights rolling in:

Attending Media Articles

50 media from around the world joined the 800 delegates in Anchorage. Those media explored Alaska hoping to find nuggets of inspiration for new stories to tell about this grand and wild state. The following articles have been published with more to come - we hope you enjoy them.

Key Takeaways from the Summit

Delegates left Alaska with these key takeaways specifically from the educational content:

  • Build a company culture of trust
  • Be a better storyteller and find new ways to create an emotional connection with our product
  • Ask 'how' until we get to the change that can happen tomorrow
  • Empowering other female leaders
  • Give back to my own community
  • Make the right decisions, not the comfortable ones
  • Refine and improve our CRM
  • Think 10 steps ahead
  • Focus on more job creation for villages in my area
© ATTA / Hassen Salum
© ATTA / Hassen Salum

Key initiatives that delegates will take action on as a result of attending:

  • Focus on direct-to-consumer sales
  • Make more films to showcase our trips and our story
  • Develop more partnerships
  • Build closer relationships with journalists
  • Investigate using travel agents for the US market
  • Focus in on our company's core values and principles
  • Create absolutely unique itineraries in Alaska, Croatia, Mongolia, Costa Rica, Canada and Africa
  • Reducing my company's carbon footprint
  • Develop new products in my country based on what I saw at the Summit
  • Analyze adventure trends
  • Improve communication to clients
© ATTA / Rupert Shanks
© ATTA / Rupert Shanks

What Delegates Had to Say

“There is no better event for gaining inspiration, developing valuable contacts, and convening with the tribe than the ATWS. I always walk away with many new friends and ideas, which enhance my work for years to come. Thank you, ATTA, for your excellent work in bringing this community together.”

Avery Stonich, Outdoor, Adventure, and Travel Journalist

“Every year there is something new that is so profound and impactful that makes me want to change and better myself and my business.”
Tullia Caballero, S-Cape Travel

“After 31 years as a CTC, I feel like I have finally made the connection I have been looking for! An organization that combines their passion for travel, the environment and cultures...a perfect fit for me! I have made numerous contacts and sold new products immediately upon my return. This group has inspired me in both personal and professional ways and I look forward to attending future functions!”
Kim Steiger, Travel Leaders

“Every year we come back, not because it's a trade show you can't miss but because it's an event which informs and inspires in equal measure. I feel incredibly fortunate to work in this amazing industry and many of the people I have met at summits and through the ATTA embody the spirit and soul of a business that truly means something. While the event provides genuine business opportunities, the greatest value for me is in spending time with like-minded, passionate and committed professionals. The more you give the more you get and some of the greatest challenges in our business and in my life have been solved over the years at ATWS. Every year, without fail, it's the first event in my calendar for the next 12 months.”
Paul Easto, The Wilderness Collective

Registration for the 2017 Adventure Travel World Summit in Salta, Argentina is open.