The Tourism Authority of Thailand

18 February 2014

The National Tourism Office for Thailand in the USA

Thailand is one of the world’s great adventure travel destinations by virtue of its stunning natural environments, its exotic cultural attractions and the established travel industry.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand Los Angeles office is tasked with promoting Thailand as a leisure travel destination to US and South American travelers. As a government marketing body, our strategy in promoting destination Thailand is centered on partnerships with sellers of travel, media and travel supplier businesses working within Thailand to cooperatively grow interest and conversion.

Adventure travel, voluntourism and youth travelers are important target markets from both the USA and South America for our office.

In 2014, TAT is working to grow the exposure of adventure travel options within Thailand for travelers from the Americas. This includes both the traditional ‘off the beaten path’ adventure experiences along with volunteer, or social and environmentally conscious travel.

We would like to connect with companies who sell or provide adventure travel to Thailand and also media with interests in the destination. We are working on existing campaigns targeting adventure travelers and are always open to partnerships in marketing to this segment.

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