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The Story of Three Amazing Bags

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Superhero Travel Pack

Built Eagle Creek tough, with organization and comfort in every feature, the new Global Companion makes it easy to find what you need simply and quickly, with full access opening and pockets absolutely everywhere.

Access your stuff either through the top or the clamshell opening, no pulling everything out to get to the pair of socks at the bottom.

Security: lockable zippers, toggles that thread through the Central Lock Point to deter pickpockets, and must-have RFID blocker pocket.

Adjustable suspension and gender-specific fits mean serious comfort, no matter how far the destination.

Global Companion 40L (carry on), and Global Companion 65L – (cheked size)

Durability + Light Weight + Style = Cargo Hauler Special Editon

Building on the extremely successful Cargo Hauler Duffel franchise, the new Special Edition features water repellant X-Pac™ Dimension Polyant sail fabric to increase the tensile strength. This bag will hold more weight than you can carry.

The Special Edition features quick-release aluminum snaphooks for backpack strap attachment, PU coated weather-resistant zippers, an internal zippered mesh pocket for organization, a padded handle wrap, Central Lock Point and a baffled end pocket. Thanks to storm-proof construction and impermeable sail fabric, the new Cargo Hauler Special Edition keeps goods dry when left out in the rain.

Morphing From One Bag Into Two

Morphing from the unexpected to the extraordinary, Eagle Creek has achieved the impossible: A bag that clones itself into two ultra-durable, ultra-versatile, ultra-light travel bags. Introducing the Morphus™ International Carry-On.

Zip off the front Hauler bag and pull out the full size shell that lives inside. Voilà, two full-size international carry on bags, one wheeled, one backpack, each seriously like nothing else out there, so you can leave with one bag, and come back with two.

Not just any backpack, it’s a fully-featured, weather resistant, comfortable, laptop-friendly backpack with tons of organization for electronic accessories. Quite simply, this bag is epic and needs to be seen to be believed.

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