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The Mountain Institutes China Earthquake Housing Initiative

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Editor’s Note: ATTA and TMI have coordinate in the past on several initiatives – its innovative support program warrants a look and support where possible.

The Mountain Institute (TMI) and its China Program are seeking to raise $144,000 in donations to assist in reconstruction efforts in China after the recent devastating earthquake in Sichuan.

Contributions will pay for donations of TMI’s FASTBLOCKTM machine, which produces compressed earth blocks for eco-friendly, high quality, low-cost housing construction. We will also provide training for local builders in the use of the machine and in earthquake resistant building techniques.

Please give what you can! More funding will help The Mountain Institute reach more families. Even the smallest amount will provide hope for those desperately wondering how to move forward.

100% of your tax deductible donation will go toward The Earthquake Housing Initiative. To learn more please click here.

Thank you!

Elsie Walker
President of The Mountain Institute



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