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The Heritage Safari Company

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The Heritage Safari Company is an independent and privately owned company based in Vancouver-Canada, operated by Thierry Cellier. Thierry lived in Africa for 25 years and have been involved in safaris since 1995. This experience and expertise has resulted in many successful relationships with safari operators as well as owners of camps and lodges in African destinations. In 15 years Thierry has personally led more than 300 safaris.

We provide our guests with top quality service from their day of departure to their return home.

Areas of Operation:
Kenya – Tanzania – Rwanda – Uganda – Namibia – Botswana – Zambia – Zimbabwe

Apart from our main focused service organizing wildlife safaris, we are also specialized in trekking, mountaineering (We are member of IMEC Partnership for Responsible Travel/Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project), photographic and filming tours, Scuba diving, motorcycle tours.

Thierry would like to share his knowledge and passion for Africa with you to create a genuine wilderness experience and your “adventure of a lifetime.”

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