The First Comprehensive Tour Guide of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq Now Available

27 July 2015

2 - isitors to archelogical site in Kurdistan  (1)Everyone who follows CNN, FOX or any major news outlet has heard about the Kurds especially in light of the recent crisis with ISIS. Unknown to most is that what is seen so often in the news is taking place outside of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). While, like many other major places in the world (Paris, New York and London to name a few), Kurdistan has had its security problems, few realize Kurdistan is in fact one of the safest and most secure regions in the Middle East. This Guide is more than a history and beautiful pictorial of a fascinating land; it is a message to the world; the Kurds are not intimidated by ISIS and are as ready as ever to receive guests from around the world.

1 - COVER FOR PRESS RELEASE (1)While visiting Kurdistan may seem a strange thing to consider, all will want to know about this fascinating place and what you find out may surprise you. Once you discover the real story of this incredible land you may wish to join the many thousands who visit Kurdistan annually and who have found it to be very different from what they imagine. Kurdistan is completely unlike the rest of chaotic Iraq, which is why many refer to Kurdistan as The Other Iraq.

This is the first truly comprehensive Guide of the region ever produced containing everything from how to get there to the photographically illustrated histories of nearly two hundred enchanting sites. Fascinating articles by famous Kurds and International friends of the Kurds dealing with subjects such as the emerging Kurdish film industry, music, art, literature and even recipes for Kurdish food.

3 - CHILD FOR PRESS RELEASE (1)Kurdistan is a land where rivers, lakes and snow covered mountains dot the land, replete with vast numbers of historical and archeological sites to be explored. Kurds are a warm and friendly people eager to show you the hospitality that has made them famous throughout the Middle East.


  • Kurdistan is in midst of the Cradle of Civilization where there are more archeological and historical sites than any other region in the world.
  • Kurdistan’s capital Erbil is over 8000 years old and is the oldest continuously inhabited city on earth.
  • The Kurds descended from an ancient biblical people, the Medes. The many Jewish sites, mosques, Christian churches, ancient monasteries as well as
  • Yezidi temples has earned Kurdistan the designation, “The Other Holy Land”
  • Many of the world’s flowers such as Tulips and Daffodils originated in Kurdistan and there are numerous species of flowers and fauna found nowhere else on earth.
  • Kurdistan hosts one of the longest cable cars (teleferics) in the world built by an Austrian company, which takes you to the Korek Mountain Ski Resort. Many of the peaks of Kurdistan are covered with snow year around.
  • Many of the world’s great hoteliers have or are building five star properties in Kurdistan; Sheraton, Hilton, Marriott, Rotana, Kempinski, Divan & Ramada to name a few.
  • Kurdistan while quaintly Middle Eastern is also a liberal multi ethnic and religiously diverse land where law protects minority rights and over 30% of the seats of parliament are reserved for women.
  • Kurdistan has roughly one fourth of Iraq’s oil reserves and is fast becoming one of the richest regions in the Middle East.
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