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The Explorer’s Passage and 2041 Foundation Launch Arctic Carbon Offsetting Initiative

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The Explorer’s Passage (TEP), the leader in historical-based adventure travel, and the 2041 Foundation, a non-profit environmental organization run by the polar explorers Robert and Barney Swan, have announced the joint creation of the Arctic Carbon Negative Initiative (ACNI).

The goal of ACNI, which is part of 2041’s ClimateForce Challenge, is to establish a series of C02 standard protocols for the global travel industry to adhere to when embarking on sea expeditions to the Arctic.

“We can not explore these places while being a part of the problem that affects them. ANCI will call for all tour operators to offset 1.25 times their confirmed C02 emissions, to ensure that their expeditions are ‘Carbon Negative,’” says Barney Swan, Logistics and Team Manager of the 2041 Foundation. “It is absolutely critical that we work with businesses, governments, and industries across the globe to protect the future of our planet.”

The launch of ACNI coincides with the announcement of the IAE/ClimateForce: Arctic 2019 Expedition which will bring over 100 environmental leaders from across the globe to the Arctic to study the effects of climate change on the region and to create a force of climate ambassadors.

“We will be working with various partners across the planet to radically reshape the way people think about CO2,” says Jeff Bonaldi, Founder & President of The Explorer’s Passage. “ACNI will not only encourage organizations in the global travel industry but other industries as well to adopt sustainable carbon reduction practices.”

Additional details of ACNI will be released over the coming weeks and months.

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