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The Explorer’s Passage & ClimateForce Tree Planting with Dr. Jane Goodall

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The Explorer’s Passage (TEP) and ClimateForce are honored to announce the success of their first tree-planting project in Moshi, Tanzania, in partnership with Roots and Shoots.

TEP and ClimateForce are proud to work closely with the team at Roots and Shoots in Tanzania. Roots & Shoots was founded by Dr. Jane Goodall and is dedicated to elevating and educating young people in over 80 countries across the world. Together, TEP, ClimateForce, and Roots & Shoots aim to fight environmental degradation in the area around the base of Mount Kilimanjaro.

This area is already exhibiting the harsh effects of climate change, which is widely believed to be due in part to the large scale deforestation in the region. As part of each expedition to Mount Kilimanjaro, TEP and ClimateForce have pledged to plant trees in support of this initiative.

The TEP and ClimateForce team’s were deeply honored to have the renown conservationist and anthropologist, Dr. Jane Goodall herself join as part of the inaugural tree-planting mission. Alongside the Tanzania Head of Roots & Shoots, Japhet Jonas Mwanang’ombe, and the International Director of ClimateForce, Barney Swan, TEP’s adventurers learned about the Roots & Shoots program and Dr. Goodall’s life and passion for the environment.

“Dr. Goodall’s renowned compassion and dedication to the natural world made for an awe-inspiring event”, said TEP’s CEO and Founder Jeff Bonaldi. “We have been truly honored by Dr. Goodall’s presence, celebrating this new partnership. The Explorer’s Passage is dedicated to integrating conservation and social awareness efforts into our adventures, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable and conscious tourism.”

In all, TEP’s group of 19 explorers planted 2,041 trees, the last 41 of which were planted alongside Dr. Goodall. The number represents TEP’s longstanding partnership with the polar explorer Robert Swan and his 2041 Foundation. The team members were then all successful in summiting Kilimanjaro via the Machame route.

The spectacular beauty of the mountain itself alongside the conscious contribution to an important local initiative made this an unparalleled experience for TEP’s explorers.

About The Explorer’s Passage
The Explorer’s Passage (TEP) is one of the most dynamic adventure travel companies on the planet. No other operator provides more immersive experiences in the most raw and stunningly beautiful environments on earth. TEP partners with the world’s greatest visionaries and institutions so that their guests have the opportunity to transform their lives through the power of adventure.

About ClimateForce
ClimateForce is an initiative of the 2041 Foundation, founded by the renowned explorer and conservationist Barney Swan. The mission of ClimateForce is to provide people with solutions on how they utilize energy in the communities, businesses, and governments which is part of the ClimateForce Challenge. The ClimateForce Challenge is a 7-year campaign to remove 326 million tons of C02 out of the atmosphere.

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