The Adventure Travel Trade Association Launches Partnership with PathWrangler

10 December 2013

The ATTA expands their membership benefits to tour operators with a leading travel software company.

San Francisco, CA The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), a global adventure travel membership organization announced a new partnership with San Francisco-based software company PathWrangler today. The partnership gives ATTA members a 15% discount on PathWrangler’s travel software, which helps tour operators and trip planners to run better trips and grow their business.

PathWrangler’s online app allows users to create and host the files they need to organize outdoor expeditions and guided tours. Through their accounts, trip leaders can create, share and host the data for traveler registrations, itineraries, packing lists and more of the many aspects of operating an expedition. An additional module, Formstack, allows operators to build the forms they need online, and host them on their unique trip page without leaving the PathWrangler app, eliminating the need for PDFs, emails and spreadsheets to collect traveler information.

"We recently polled our members on software solutions needed for adventure tourism companies to thrive," says Alice Gifford, ATTA's Director of Community Development. "PathWrangler has been active in the ATTA community since 2008, and we're delighted to be able to offer this kind of travel software solution as a benefit to ATTA Members."

“Tour Operators have a tough task at hand. Their market is demanding more personal and relevant experiences to their lives. That presents significant operational and selling challenges,” says Doug Heinz, CEO of PathWrangler. “Our partnership with the ATTA is one of values. The ATTA is trying to preserve the unique identities and personalization that our industry brings to travel, while the rest of the world is moving to consolidation and commoditization. We are excited to join with the ATTA as they lead the way in providing their members a way to meet these new challenges while not just preserving their unique identities, but allowing them to grow and thrive.”

This unique partnership will provide ATTA members with an entirely cloud-based solution when organizing group expeditions and guided tours, making their data more accessible and accommodating their on-the-go lifestyles.

For more information about PathWrangler or to start planning your expedition, visit Simply put, PathWrangler makes building and storing experiences easier than ever before. Let's face it, planning an adventure trip or an outdoor excursion is like herding cats. It can be maddening to get everyone and everything prepared. We've built a collaborative web tool that makes trip planning not only easy, but fun. The goal is to empower you so that your only limitation is your imagination and sense of wonder. It can be used just as easily by professional guides running recurring expeditions to the Himalayas to just a handful of avid outdoor enthusiasts planning their next hiking trip in Yosemite.