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The Adventure Travel Trade Association Announces New Transformation Design Principles Course

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The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), in partnership with the Transformational Travel Council (TCC) and lead Educator, Tanner Colton, announce a new online education course, Transformation Design Principles in Travel ExperiencesThis high-value business recovery course provides travel professionals with practical tools, principles, and skills to help guide travelers on a journey to deeper meaning through their travel experience. Transformational travel is described as any travel experience that empowers people to make meaningful, lasting changes in their lives and positive impacts on the world around them. Watch the Transformation Design Principles trailer below to see a preview of this seven-course track bundle. 

The Transformation Design Principles track is online and self-paced. With seven courses included, it takes about six hours to complete. Each course can be purchased individually or for more robust training in Transformation Design Principles, register for the full seven-course track bundle. To see if this series is a good fit, try our free introduction course.

Over the series of these courses, you will learn practical tools and methods for expanding and deepening traveler connection, meaning, and purpose which leads to increased customer engagement, referrals, and loyalty. Most importantly, the courses have a scaled positive impact for people, places, and the planet. 

To learn more, check out this short video defining the Learning Objectives and Course Framework for what to expect when you enroll. 

Get started today! Visit the Transformation Design Principles in Travel Experiences page to learn more about the full track and each of the courses.


2 Comments to The Adventure Travel Trade Association Announces New Transformation Design Principles Course

  1. That is quite a program that Adventure Travel Trade Association and Transformational program, sounds great. How did Adventure travel incorporate into transformational travel?

  2. Lesley Brannen

    Hi Joseph,

    Thank you for your question about our Transformation Design Principles course. There is a section of the course specifically dedicated to the intersection of adventure travel and transformational travel. If you fill out the form at the bottom of this page, we will send you an email with a video preview of this topic that answers your question.

    Kind regards,

    Lesley Brannen
    Managing Editor, AdventureTravelNews

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