The Adventure Travel Conservation Fund (ATCF) Announces Five Grant Winners for 2021

25 November 2021

The Adventure Travel Conservation Fund (ATCF) announces five grant winners for 2021. Projects were submitted and voted on by ATCF members and thanks to supporters, five incredible projects are each getting $7,000 USD in funding.

Planting Trees for the Native Future, KENYA
Providing alternative livelihoods and restoring Africa’s iconic acacia woodland in the Laikipia landscape will improve habitat resources for native wildlife, including black rhinos, giraffes, and elephants, attracting adventure travelers whose presence creates jobs, provide a market for local crafts and products and preserve cultural heritage.

Lake Atitlan Restoration & Sustainable Ecotourism, GUATEMALA
Train Indigenous farmers in sustainable planting practices and local guides in bird watching/ nature tourism, resulting in the reforestation of the lake shoreline with local trees and plants, the recuperation of local biodiversity, sustainable food access for local families, birds, and pollinators, and an improved and environmentally responsible tourist experience.

When the Whales Win, Everyone Wins, MEXICO
Conduct a multi-site humpback whale survey, in collaboration with our network of whale watch guides, local citizens, and Mexican biologists/educators. Our team will identify key regions along 10 miles of coast where mother/calf pairs rest, nurse, and give birth with the goal of generating region-wide stewardship and protected areas where whales will be safe, the ocean can heal and communities can gather to celebrate and care for nature.

Revitalizing Roots Through Community Based Tourism, COLOMBIA
The project aims to promote traditional knowledge and agroforestry revitalization towards contributing to sustainable food systems in the archipelago and linking community-based tourism.

Outfitting Rhino Rangers, NAMIBIA
Equip all 66 current Rhino Rangers with uniforms and equipment as they spend weeks at a time in the field while monitoring and protecting the desert adapted rhino of Northwest Namibia, and they need these resources to continue their patrols and in turn preserve the areas natural heritage.

Help the ATCF Reach $10,000 Goal

The fun isn't over yet, the ATCF is aiming to raise another $3,000 for each of these five projects to bring the total up to $10,000 per project.  ATCF Executive Director, Soraya Shattuck explains, "We have a few tricks up our sleeves to achieve this goal, but it really comes down to the help and support of our community. Sharing is caring and we'd love it if ATCF supporters could share the news that the travel industry has already raised $35,000, and our goal is to reach $50,000 for these incredible conservation projects by the end of the year."

Donate here to help the ATCF reach the goal of $10,000 for each project and share this donation link!

3 December 2021 Update:

The ATCF has now raised $45K of the $50K and they are so close!  With one month left, there is only $5K left to raise. Donate and share this news to help ATCF raise the final amount.

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