Sustainable Aviation Fuel Deep Dive With Susanne Bouma

13 May 2024

The last few weeks have seen companies like AstraZeneca, Autodesk, Bain & Company, BCG, Deloitte, JPMorgan Chase, Live Nation, McKinsey & Company, Meta, Morgan Stanley, Netflix, and others come together to commit to purchasing nearly $200M in sustainable aviation fuel credits.

Why so much enthusiasm for sustainable aviation fuel? Because it delivers up to an 80% greenhouse gas emission reduction over conventional jet fuel. (This is calculated by taking into account the entire life cycle of the fuel -  from raw material extraction to consumption -  and comparing it to similar emissions from fossil jet fuel.)

In the latest Airrows on Air podcast I have the pleasure of interviewing Susanne Bouma of Neste, a leading renewable products company, all about sustainable aviation fuel. Susanne is the Head of Partnerships and Programs in Renewable Aviation at Neste, with past roles at Rainforest Alliance, PwC and World Bank. 

In this episode, Susanne takes us on a journey through the evolution of sustainable aviation fuel and Neste’s pivotal role in its development over the past 75 years. Her enthusiasm for future partnerships and growth opportunities is palpable, promising an exciting path forward in the quest for more sustainable air travel. 

In 2023 Neste and Tomorrow’s Air teamed up to make it possible for travel companies and travelers themselves to easily purchase sustainable aviation fuel to help reduce the emissions from their travels - early adopters include Bella Coola Heli Sports and Kimkim. Purchasing SAF certificates through Tomorrow’s Air allows travel companies to invest in SAF and support the environmental benefits, even if the fuel does not flow directly into the planes their guests fly on. The investment allows travel companies to make a greenhouse gas emissions reduction claim on their climate disclosures, while the physical SAF flows to an aircraft operator.

I got know Susanne through the relationship Tomorrow’s Air has with Neste - we share the same notion that it is possible to aggregate travel demand for sustainable aviation fuel, thereby expanding its use. Travel businesses can now partner with Tomorrow’s Air to easily include SAF in their trip offerings, and travelers can purchase directly through the website. 

Listen to the episode today on the Tomorrow’s Air website, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts.