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Sustainability Matters at South African Airways

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As part of South African Airway‘s (SAA) Group Corporate Strategy, and in SAA’s continuing effort to become one of the world’s greenest airlines, we are taking great steps to establish ourselves as a market leader when it comes to: environmentally-friendly operations, efficient aircraft, green buildings and environmentally-conscious employees.

IATA (International Air Transport Association) has embarked on a two-year initiative, to develop and establish an environmental-standard for the more than 240 IATA member-airlines: named IEnvA – IATA Environmental Assessment. The scope of the two-year IEnvA initiative is to create minimum, and recommended, standards for airlines in areas such as general recycling and reusing, on-board recycling, efficient flight and airport operations, limiting and reducing carbon emissions, general energy efficiency and environmentally-conscious procurement procedures.

SAA is proud to announce, that in early January we were chosen by IATA to form part of a group of six international airlines that will actively participate in developing this international environmental standard. During this process, SAA will help develop world-class environmental policies and processes, fly efficient aircraft and work on greening our buildings – in line with our strategy to become the leading environmentally-friendly airline in Africa – one step at a time.

These initiatives will be further developed and communicated to you during 2012 and 2013, which will prove both exciting and challenging and promises to hold benefits both for SAA and all employees.

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