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Surtrek Ecuador and Galapagos Tours

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Exploring the four worlds of Ecuador – there is no better way than travelling with friends, in a small group or individual.

Surtrek is specialized in adventure travel and ecotourism in all parts of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands and South America. Our tours, which can be excursions, round trips of ever length and also daytrips, mostly have no fix dates and can be adapted to the individual wishes of our clients. The tours are characterized by being close to nature and the inhabitants of Ecuador while travelling and gaining great insight in the colorful mosaic of the different Ecuadorian cultures and traditions.

Combining the cultural highlights of Ecuador with exciting experiences in the multifarious nature of this small state in the Andes will make a trip through Ecuador unforgettable. We are offering different itineraries of roundtrips in Ecuador from the Andes to the Amazon Jungle and to the coast which are all examples and can be adapted to the personal ideas and travel-budget of our clients. Our clients should feel comfortable and at home during planning their journey and while travelling through Ecuador. During the journeys, our clients will have close contact to the inhabitants, for example while visiting a community in the jungle or while participating in a shaman ritual. But the nature of Ecuador will be a great part of the journey as well; therefore Surtrek Tour Operator stands for sustainable tourism and also is part of Vitalideas and other projects whose goal is raising awareness and generating sustainable changes in conservation of natural resources and rural community development.

One highlight of every Ecuador tour is visiting the Galapagos Islands. The Archipelago is one of the last paradises in the world and is offering a unique flora and fauna which is partly endemic. We are offering a wide range of Galapagos cruises in different categories whose itineraries are mostly of eight days. But it is also possible to book a cruise which is shorter or longer. We also have a great offer of hotels at the Galapagos Islands for individual Island Hopping Tours. Another way exploring the Galapagos Islands is joining a dive tour. The Archipelago is one of the best diving spots in the world and there are spots for everyone, from beginner to professional.

Besides our long lasting experiences in Ecuador, our long lasting friendships in the whole country let us become a specialist for travelling in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.

We are looking forward helping you to plan your trips and becoming your partner in Ecuador.

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