Summits Africa Ltd

14 May 2009

Summits Africa was created through the combined experience and vision of over 50 dedicated Kilimanjaro and trekking specialists from senior managers to porters. Summits Africa tries to keep all of our team constantly involved and well paid. We proudly pay our crews some of the highest wages in the industry and make sure that all members have proper equipment to climb mountains. Members start at the bottom and work up and we attempt to create a career path for all of our team to progress through training and sponsorship opportunities. We expect and hope that the best of our teams will one day run their own companies and teams with a similar ethos and commitment to their fellow workers, after all if you have been a porter as a guide you can properly empathize with their position and earn their respect. Where ever possible we always try to hire from within and promote according to initiative and competence backed up by supplemental training.

All of the management team are also trip leaders as well as managers. As they are on the ground managing and also spend some time of the year leading trips their product knowledge is always up to date and first hand. We expect all of our management team and sales team to have been to all areas we cover or have participated in trips we run so that our clients always receive the most accurate information on a given topic.

At Summits Africa we take your safety extremely seriously. This approach to safety is how we have set ourselves apart and has earned us the respect and reputation for being one of the best climbing and adventure companies in East Africa. There are 3 essential components to the Summits Africa approach to keeping you safe on any one of our trips:

Training -
Our guides and crews are specifically trained and instructed to ensure, where ever possible, that our guests can walk off the mountain, unaided, themselves. They are also trained extensively on monitoring systems of AMS (acute mountain sickness), and more advanced forms of mountain sickness such as HAPE (High Altitude Pulmonary Edema) and HACE (High Altitude Cerebral Edema). Summits Africa runs bi annual training with guides and even our porters are trained in basic first aid.

The Right Tools -
Over the last 14 years the Summits Africa team has systemized our approach to monitoring guest's safety. We call this the "Constant Monitoring System".

1. Pre trip: Even before you travel with Summits Africa you are expected to furnish us with important information about your health and even what training you are undertaking and what kit you are bringing.
2. Pre Start: during your briefing your details and kit are double checked. Guides and crews are fully briefed on all guests.
3. Event: guides monitor you daily with pulse oximeters and altitude sickness scorecards. If evacuations are required then supplementary oxygen (for high altitude trips) and custom built stretchers are on hand.
4. Post trip: your feedback is essential and combined with proper guide and crew debriefings and your input we expect our trips to continue to develop and improve

All altitude Summits Africa trips have:
* Supplementary oxygen
* Pulse oximeters
* Comprehensive first aid kits
* Customized evacuation stretchers (designed to allow upright evacuation for pulmonary edema cases as well as back boards for spinal support)
* Altitude sickness assessment scorecards as a supplementary assessment tool

**Portable Altitude Chambers are also available for added safety upon request and always used on Kilimanjaro trips that stay in Kibo crater.

Communications & Backup -
Depending on the trip different communications devices may be applicable. These days most areas in East Africa are covered by cell phone coverage but any trip that heads into areas that have black spots (even if they last for only one day), go with satellite phones. For adventure trips, hiking and mountain biking for instance, radio communications between teams are also included. All trips have 1 specific manager at base assigned to them for reliable communications channels and all teams check-in twice daily. All trips Summits Africa operate require that our clients take out flying doctors or emergency evacuation cover. Almost all trips, by default, have this cover built into the cost.

Summits Africa has a written series of commitments that make up our code of conduct:

Environment -
East Africa has tremendous natural resources, but this finite resource is being exploited in an uncontrolled and often disastrous manner. Apart from the obvious practices of ‘trash in trash out’ policies and encouraging our teams to clear up any litter they find, Summits Africa also actively supports positive environmentally sensitive projects. We belong to LEAVE NO TRACE and now offer our clients Carbon Neutral climbs by buying Carbon credits from Carbon Tanzania for all of our guests’ trips. We also encourage our guides to avoid careless off road driving or hiking and we ask that our guests respect the same.

Education -
Education should never stop! Built into our work processes is a commitment to bi-annual training. Our mountain and wilderness guides must complete specific modules (such as safety and first aid) and we believe that by giving our crews constant training we not only are investing in our own future but in theirs as well. Education gives people choices - if you'd like to support a Tanzanian child in East Africa then let us know as we can point you in the right direction for sponsorship programs or even individuals. We can also provide a simple monitoring and liaison role.

Excellence -
Consistency, attention to detail and reliability. Making things work properly is a commitment that requires constant attention. At Summits Africa we work hard on our systems to deliver the standard of service that you deserve. Our team is multi-disciplined and yet all team members have specific roles to fill. Back up plans, contingency planning and excellent communication channels are all part of delivering consistently well managed, exciting adventures.

Experience -
The web of education, environment, ethics and excellence all leads to the Experience that you have. By committing ourselves to these various factors we expect your experience to be first rate. Tailoring programs to your requirements is always possible. We will always try to accommodate special requirements where ever possible, from special dietary requirements or the hotels and places that you visit. We have a lifetime of experience in East Africa and so can accommodate your family, your love for bird watching or your desire to see everything at a much slower, off the beaten track pace. Indeed off the beaten track is where most of our itineraries take you.

Ethics -
Fair wages, a dedication to training and a career path for all employees, casual or full time. The Summits Africa way of operating. In an environment where change is rapidly degrading traditional cultural networks and support systems, trying to make progress in a ever changing world can be challenging to say the least. By providing a fair wage (often 3 times the industry average), by giving opportunities for ongoing education and providing simple advice and having an open door policy we expect our team members to have the choice and chance to progress. Many companies say they are ethical, but how can you find out if we stand by what we say? Our recommendation is that you contact independent parties like the Porters Assistance Project or even independent travel agents that have committed to fair trade travel. Ask them about Summits Africa.

Products and/or Services

Summits Africa is an East African based specialist adventure outfitter, providing a range of easy to book departures and professional outfitting services for adventure trips in East Africa. Our services are ideal for tour operators, tour leaders and charity groups.

Summit Africa provides outfitting services for a number of East African Tour Operators and services include:

1. Kilimanjaro / Mt Meru / Mt Kenya fully serviced treks
2. Mountain biking trips
3. Tailored Safari services and beach excursions
4. Camping trips
5. Guides - tour leaders and couriers

As part of our services we normally provide:
* Uniformed guides
* Vehicle stickers for all transfers and game drives
* Meet and greet + briefing services by a Summits Africa Manager
* Client information plus detailed itineraries and documents

*Further afield we have partners and book trips for Gorilla tracking in Rwanda.

Primary Market/s-Audiences Served

Summits Africa focuses on adventure travel, thus serving adventure oriented audiences. We have taken people from all walks of life and ages trekking up some of Africa’s highest peaks. Honeymooners, families, singles, etc.. have all taken an adventure trip with us to see the differing landscapes and unique game parks in East Africa on foot, on a bike, or in a vehicle.

Geographic Reach/Areas of Operation

Summits Africa serves the East African region primarily, which includes Tanzania, Kenya & Rwanda. However, our partnerships and knowledge with tour operators, properties, guides, and trips extend into Southern Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe & Mozambique.

Special Interest in Connecting with the Adventure Travel Community

Summits Africa seeks to continue networking, expand its marketing development and scope, contribute to research, form strategic partnerships & alliances, work and promote people and companies interested in sustainable travel, and promote the offerings of beautiful Africa...