Succeeding in North America: A Travel Marketing White Paper for Boutique Property Owners

16 March 2011

Assistant Editor's Note: The following excerpt is the introduction to a white paper by Sarah Fazendin, the founder of Travel Marketing Worldwide.

As the owner of a small property – be it a hotel, villa, lodge or camp – you surely know that the U.S. market simply can not be ignored. Assessed at $2.4 trillion and 64 million outbound trips annually, the U.S. market is the second largest market for outbound leisure travel. Further underscoring the importance of having a strategic marketing plan targeting the U.S. market in place today, a variety of 2011 travel trend reports are forecasting between 4% and 5% growth in 2011 from the leisure travel marketplace.

Smart hoteliers understand the fundamentals of what draws travelers to their destination, deliver an authentic and meaningful vacation experience for their guests, and have laser sharp focus when it comes to marketing and related business decisions. This white paper provides boutique properties across the globe valuable strategic considerations surrounding these three key elements that should feature in an effective marketing and sales strategy for the U.S. market.
As a property owner you’ve likely invested blood, sweat (and maybe even some tears!) into your establishment, and are hugely passionate about your destination and the experience you provide. Regardless of how long you have been in operation, as we emerge from the global recession and face a leisure travel industry that is due to set records in 2011 and beyond, now is a good time to take a step back and reflect on key factors for success from the U.S. market.

Link to the entire paper, Succeeding in North America: A Travel Marketing White Paper for Boutique Property Owners

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