Spotlight on Adventure Champions: Cascada Expediciones / EcoCamp Patagonia

3 July 2022

Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) Adventure Champions are the vanguards of the adventure travel industry having been members of ATTA and leaders in the community for a minimum of 15 years. They are true believers in the power of adventure travel and have made an impact on the direction of ATTA and on the industry as a whole. To honor their commitment to their ethos and lasting contribution to the adventure travel industry we are spotlighting Adventure Champions through a series of interviews.

Cascada Expediciones / EcoCamp Patagonia
Inbound Tour Operator and Sustainable Hotel
Headquarters: Chile
ATTA Member since 2006

Introducing Cascada Expediciones / EcoCamp Patagonia

Cascada Expediciones is an adventure travel company that has been providing life-changing experiences for more than 30 years. We offer both soft and demanding excursions throughout Chile, as well as in areas of Argentina and Bolivia. These trips aim to bring travelers closer to nature and enrich their life through active activities and cultural immersion.

Although we offer a diverse range of trips, our pride and glory lies in Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia. Here we opened the world’s first geodesic dome hotel named EcoCamp Patagonia. It has been up and running since 2001.

Why have you stayed an ATTA member for 15+ years?

We are very proud to have been an active member of ATTA from the beginning. We believe that we are completely aligned with the values ​​of the organization, which is why we have stayed a member for more than 15 years. In addition, ATTA is an organization that has always kept up to date with the deals, improvements, and relevant issues of the industry.

Also, the exchange of ideas and experiences through the different events allows us to keep growing as a company and getting to know different companies in the field of adventure tourism.
How has your company and destination changed over the last 15 years?

We have evolved from a small business to a larger and more professional company, adding technology and development. Many people have contributed to getting where we are today and left their mark on the way. In addition, we went forward in offering itineraries in more remote destinations, we have updated our offers all along to keep ourselves up to date, and we have constantly committed ourselves to principles of sustainability and respect for the environment that are a key part of our value chain.

What is the greatest force that drives you to work every day? 

I think our mission is a true reflection of what powers our daily work. We can define it this way: to provide and encourage deep connections with nature through extraordinary travel experiences that emphasize an active lifestyle, promote sustainable development and true respect for the environment, and create memorable spaces to meet and connect with people.

What gives you hope about the next generation of adventure travel leaders?

We are convinced that greater awareness and knowledge of our impact on the environment will generate better professionals, more committed to offering authentic experiences, and with a true commitment to the local culture and environment.

What is your advice for young adventure travel companies?

A good advice is to underline the importance of getting to know the product you offer and the suppliers you work with. Share the most outstanding and accurate aspects of the product to be able to better meet customer expectations. Also, take advantage of the benefits of technology to transmit and enhance the offer. Finally, team up with capable and committed people willing to offer great customer service.

What gets you excited about the future of adventure travel?

New opportunities and projects, new adventures to develop, and more joint work with clients to continue developing adventures in Chile, showing unique, lesser-known places and contributing to the development of the local economy in these areas.

Connect with Cascada Expediciones / EcoCamp Patagonia:

Cascada Expediciones was founded in 1991 by university friends Javier Lopez, Yerko Ivelic, and Nani Astorga, who studied tourism and engineering, and wanted to create a unique company that showed off the best of Chile and the south of South America through thrilling and immersive adventures.