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South African Airways Vacations® Announces New Virtual Itinerary Feature That Allows Travelers to Explore Before Taking Off

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Web Itineraries Take Travelers through the Entire Experience, Enabling Them to Pick the Best Fit for their Vacation of a Lifetime

Fort Lauderdale, FL – South African Airways Vacations® (SAAV) has introduced a first-of-its-kind service among sellers of travel to Africa – virtual itineraries on its website that will take all of the questions out of the process, allowing travelers to picture the vacation they are about to experience.  Travelers or travel agents can visit, choose an itinerary, and click on the “virtual itinerary” button.  What opens up is a full, day-by-day overview that starts with award-winning service on South African Airways (SAA) and continues through a host of activities and luxurious accommodations throughout Southern and Eastern Africa.  The virtual itinerary will include photos and “i-brochures” of the properties being visited, and even maps that show the journey from the U.S. to the African continent, and each portion of the itinerary along the way, eliminating the need for travelers to open new web pages to research the destination or accommodations.  For travelers, it results in being able to get a feel for the vacation they’re purchasing, and being able to make an informed decision. For travel agents selling SAA Vacations® packages, it means having a world of information at their fingertips, enabling their clients to make the right choice for their vacation of a lifetime.  To explore the virtual itineraries, visit, or call 855-FLY-SAAV, where agents can walk travelers or travel agents through the process.

“Booking a vacation can be time-consuming, especially if you have to navigate through various websites to get the information you need,” said Terry von Guilleaume, president of SAA Vacations®.  “We’ve invested in the virtual itineraries in order to provide travelers and agents with all of the information they might require to help them make a decision, such as the places they will visit and the type of accommodations included.  Travelers and travel agents alike will enjoy navigating through the different itineraries and being able to view their options without having to leave the SAA Vacations website.”

The technology is powered by Wetu, a South African-based technology provider.  The technology pairs GPS capabilities with on-the-ground, on-site content about the numerous properties and lodges in Southern and Eastern Africa, resulting in SAA Vacations® being able to offer this groundbreaking service.

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