Someone Call Guinness: SCOTTEVEST Celebrates Selling 10 Million Total Pockets and Releases 5 New Products with 144 Pockets Between Them

18 February 2014

The Tech-Enabled Clothing brand crowdsourced inspiration for its 42 Pocket Q.U.E.S.T. Vests as it makes history by selling over 10 million pockets over the past 13 years

Ketchum, ID - SCOTTEVEST, creators of TEC-Technology Enabled Clothing® know a thing or two about pockets after nearly 13 years of supplying the world’s travelers and tech elite with stylish, functional, gadget-friendly and pocket-rich clothing. This week, they have topped their own record by crossing the 10 million pockets sold mark. Showing no signs of slowing, the pocket counter on the top of every page on their website is now given extra fuel with the release of five brand new clothing items for men and women containing 144 pockets, some with RFID shielding technology to protect against privacy-invading RFID skimmers.

The introductions range from the ultra-lightweight Pack Jacket to the highly engineered Sterling Jackets for Men and Women (detailed below), but the flagships of SCOTTEVEST’s release are the Q.U.E.S.T. Vests for Men and Women.

The inspiration for the Q.U.E.S.T. Vests came directly from SCOTTEVEST (SeV) customers and fans, through FacebookTwitter, site reviews, and emails. Beyond specific requests like, “whatever you do, make it in black” and “add a stowable hood,” the recurring theme was that customers wanted to “make the vest their own.” To accommodate the desire for customization, SeV engineered 42 multi-purpose pockets into both the men’s and women’s versions of the Q.U.E.S.T. Vests.  Photographers can fill their pockets with camera gear laid out in an manner that makes sense to them; zombie apocalypse preppers can use the hook-and-loop lining of some pockets to attach custom pouches and accessories. The possibilities are limited only by the needs and ingenuity of the wearer.

“We didn’t create a vest ‘kit,’” explains SeV CEO Scott Jordan, “but we took inspiration from the Maker Movement and engineered the Q.U.E.S.T. Vests to be a platform for people to express themselves and carry whatever they need for their favorite activities. There may be some overkill in the pocket count, but that makes the whole vest flexible and easily customizable to carry whatever you want, however you want. It’s great for keeping your Google Glass charged all day long, too.”

SCOTTEVEST provides a full “Pocket Inventory” on the product pages for the Q.U.E.S.T. Vests to explain each feature in detail. These are some of the highlighted features that make this a truly unique, category-busting product:

  • RFID-blocking Pocket - with identity theft on the rise (especially while traveling), protecting credit cards and passports from RFID skimmers is critical. A specially-lined pocket protects wearers against “digital pickpockets” in the same way SeV’s secure internal pockets protect wearers against physical pickpockets. SeV even has a $1,000 Anti-Pickpocket Guarantee.
  • PackPocket™ - this brand new pocket concept from SeV adds the storage capacity of a small backpack into a stealthy, exterior back pocket.
  • Power Pockets - how do you turn the coolest gadgets in the world into paperweights? Just wait awhile. Power is the critical weakness in being "off grid" with gadgets, and being off grid could even mean going to the grocery store. If you're not charging, you're draining, and it's a very apparent problem even with new tech like Google Glass. SeV solves the problem with several Power Pockets engineered with their patented Personal Area Network (PAN) to help run battery packs from just about any pocket to just about any other pocket. Power problem: solved. This tech-vest is the foreseeable future of wearable computing.
  • Easy Access Panels - the Q.U.E.S.T. Vests have huge panel pockets accessible from the exterior front of the vest. They are designed to carry a tablet (or two) for easy access, but because they are lined with soft tricot material like a camera bag, hook-and-loop accessories can be attached, like SCOTTEVEST’s privacy shielding Blackout Pocket Level 2.
The SCOTTEVEST Q.U.E.S.T. Vests for Men and Women retail for $145, and are available now on

The other new additions to the SeV lineup may each have fewer pockets than the Q.U.E.S.T.s, but have unique features and style:

SeV Sterling Jacket for Women: Confidence is the New Black

Confidence is key to being a successful traveler, and SeV noticed that a lot of women's travel clothing on the market just didn't look... good.  At all.  They set out to fix that, and added 23 pockets (many of them hidden, all of them subtle), giving the SeV Sterling Jacket for Women more pockets than any other single women's SCOTTEVEST item.

The Sterling Jacket for Women is available in 6 colors and retails for $150.

A Sterling Example of Finely Engineered Clothing

Typically, people talk about the engineering of a building darting into a city skyline, or the perfect balance of a sports car as it tears around a track (we're partial to the lines of a Porsche). But how often do you hear people rave about the engineering of a jacket?

With 24 pockets, the Sterling matches the number of pockets in SeV's popular Travel Vest for Men, but looks absolutely different.

The Sterling Jacket for Men is available in 5 colors and retails for $150.

SCOTTEVEST's Lightest Jacket Ever Weighs Less than Your Gadgets

The spare tire. The hidden $20. The first aid kit. There are a lot of things people keep around "just in case," but how many of them are actually useful every day, too?  This packable jacket is perfect for the everyday unexpected.

A size Large weighs in at ~272 grams. Compare that to an iPad Mini, which weighs 308 grams!

The SeV Pack Jacket is available in 5 colors and retails for $75.

These five new product releases total 144 pockets released this week, and all items are available now on