Small Ship Expedition Cruise Company Ecoventura Announces “Give Back to the Galapagos” Promotion

18 February 2010

MIAMI – Here’s a new twist on added value. The visionary, small-ship travel company Ecoventura ( announces a new “Give Back to the Galapagos” promotion that offers guests a rate reduction matched by company dollars to assist important environmental initiatives.


“Our clients always want to know how they can help our efforts to create a positive level of sustainability for this fragile eco-system called the Galapagos,” said Santiago Dunn, president and owner of Ecoventura. “This is a way they for them to benefit twice: once by receiving a rate reduction and once by giving something back to the islands.”

Dunn explained that the new give-back program is a 10 percent discount on rates on certain departures with 5 percent applied to the cruise rate and 5 percent assisting the Galapagos Marine Biodiversity Fund (GMBF) administered by the World Wildlife Fund.

The fund was established in 2006 in partnership with WWF that supports environmental education and marine conservation by strengthening the local community’s abilities to manage natural resources. The biodiversity fund has provided funds for scholarships for local students to study at the university level, loans to micro-enterprise businesses creating sustainable sources of income, helped control illegal fishing activities through a permanent floating station at Darwin Island and a refit of National Park patrol boats.

“It’s the reality of paradise being pushed to the edge. Our partnership mission with GMBF is to safeguard the Galapagos environment so that we and other responsible tour operators can continue to bring conservation-minded visitors here for many generations to come,” said Dunn.

Since the fund was created, it has raised over $170,000, of which $160,950 has gone directly to the various projects now in operation.