Sky2Sea International

27 July 2009

S2SI_logo_on_white_TMSky2Sea International (S2Si) runs unique Adventures and Expeditions around the world, Corporate Challenges as well as expedition management and health & safety needs for Film & TV. Staff have over 20 years of experience in the expedition industry giving S2Si a prolific record of success and safety all around the world.

Jungle, Desert, Arctic, Altitude: we are experts in all environments, and thrive on taking people beyond the limits for adventures of a lifetime.

S2Si are all about the ‘real’ experience, so if people want to spend some time with Tribes, if people want to trek across the desert in undiscovered lands, if people want to take part in a world first in the adventure travel industry, if people want to complete a worthwhile and sustainable project, or if people want to shoot some award-wining footage… this is what we do!

S2SiTribal trips give adventure and cultural experiences like no others. From the heart of Borneo with the Penan, to the deserts of Sinai with the Bedu – our lasting friendships with indigenous people means we can go back to them time and again, but most of all go back welcomed.
S2SiUndiscovered takes people off the beaten track to destinations unheard or unthought-of. Destinations that are already popular are discovered in a new light always making sure the experience within a country is a real one.
S2SiExpedition for the ultimate week-long adrenaline hit! If people are time poor but adventure hungry this is a sure winner taking them from the sky to the sea with the14 adventure activities, 5 environments, 1 week, 1 country model in Canada, France, New Zealand and Patagonia.

S2Si staff have a heritage in project-based work around the world. We take company employees to complete worthwhile and sustainable projects as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility set-up. We run UK and US-based survival courses for team building and create Charity Challenges worldwide.
S2Si carry out full expedition support for TV & Film crews wanting to work in extremes. All heath & safety, logistics, planning, medical support and communications can be provided and are tailored to clients needs.
S2Si adhere to strict ethics and codes of conduct. We have a policy of inclusion on all of our trips so anybody of reasonable fitness who is over 18 can come on an adventure with us, regardless of previous experience in any adventure activities. We only ask that participants submit a medical review which is studied by our Medical Director for the safety of the team.
S2Si is interested in networking with the Adventure Travel community and seeking new ways to promote our fantastic trips. We believe that nobody else offers the public and industry professionals what we do, so spreading the S2Si word is a priority!

We already offer ‘white labeling’ opportunities to tour operators such as Black Tomato and Baobab – if you are interested in white labeling opportunities please do get in touch.

We are always open to new ideas so if you think that you have a trip that could fit in to the S2SiTribal, S2SiUndiscovered portfolios, or can think of a new destination for the S2SiExpedition model then it would be good to make contact!