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Shifts in the Top Ten Spenders in International Travel

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According to an article by TravelDailyNews, emerging markets are beginning to invade the first few positions on list of Top Ten International Spenders in Tourism.

Here is the list, with key notes from the article. For an in-depth explanation of each nation’s spending persona, read the entire article.

1. China – $102 billion annually
While much is being written about the stress a newly mobile Chinese traveling class can bring, destinations continue to evolve to woo the group, who’s size and penchant for luxury items and hotels has made them the most targeted of the high spenders.

2. Germany – $83.8 billion annually
The amount of Germans taking international trips is increasing every year, but they remain steadfast in their most desired destinations, according to the article: Austria remained the first choice (17 percent market share), followed by Spain (16 percent) and Italy (13 percent).

3. USA – $83.7 billion annually
Americans are traditionally some of the biggest spenders world wide, with favored destinations of Mexico, Canada and Europe.

4. United Kingdom – $52.3 billion annually
According to TravelDailyNews, British travel spending increased by 4 percent in 2012, which helped it maintain its placement over a quickly growing Russia.

5. Russian Federation – $ 42.8 billion
As part of the BRIC economies (Brazil, Russia, India, China), Russia’s intense economic growth has spurred both domestic and outbound tourism, with spending reaching almost $43 billion (+32 percent) in 2012.

6. France – $38.1 billion
While still on the list, the nation’s spending is seeing a significant decline of 6 percent since 2011.

7. Canada – $35.2 billion
Another major growth market, outbound Canadians have increased their spending by 20 percent in two years (it is now at $35.2 billion).

8. Japan – $28.1 billion
Despite still working to overcome economic and inbound tourism woes, Japanese outbound numbers have seen a sharp and healthy recovery, with over half the population planning to travel internationally the same amount and a fifth planning to travel more.

9. Australia – $27.6Billion
Australia remains stable with both a healthy inbound market and a strong group of outbound, high-spenders.

10. Italy – $26.2 billion
Italians seem to be in a slight spending decline compared to years past, and TravelDailyNews mentions that growth markets in neighboring European countries such as Belgium, Austria, Sweden and the Netherlands may be in the running for Italy’s placement next year.

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