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Serengeti Year-End Update

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East Africa – Race for Development

Geopolitical forces are changing the map of East Africa. New railways, ports, and roads will make conservation difficult. The Serengeti is in the middle.

East Africa is poised for major new transportation development to boost exports of oil, gas, and other resources to China. The Serengeti is in the Middle.

Kenya and Tanzania are locked in a race to develop transport corridors throughout East Africa, the Congo, and the southern Sudan.

Kenya has long held dominance in transportation with its colonial era (“Lunatic Express”) railway that connects Uganda to the Indian Ocean port of Mombasa.

Now, with help from the Chinese, Tanzania is making a bid to cut into this trade with a new port and railway/road system of its own.

China is funding a huge….

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Tanzania Starts Anti-Poaching Campaign, then Abruptly Stops

The fate of the Serengeti ultimately depends on Tanzania’s overall commitment to conservation. It is no secret that this commitment has been sadly lacking, especially the government’s long inaction over poaching.

The good news is that Tanzania’s government did launch an anti-poaching campaign. The bad news – it has come to a screeching halt.

The extent of poaching, especially of elephants, and misguided development plans recently led Serengeti Watch to launch a petition (sign here) to President Kikwete. The petition evidently reached its target audience, but so far with little lasting impact. Last fall, the government launched…

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