SEEtheWILD Announces the Launch of WildHope, A Digital Magazine Focused on Wildlife Conservation and Travel

13 July 2012

Beaverton,, the world’s first non-profit wildlife conservation travel website, is launching a WildHope, a free quarterly digital magazine. WildHope focuses on stories of wildlife recovery and opportunities for travelers to participate in and support conservation programs.

The inaugural issue of WildHope, which launched on June 27th, features several articles including:

  • Net Worth: A first hand account of participating with a grassroots sea turtle research program in Baja California Sur Mexico. This article, written by award-winning Outside Magazine correspondent Kate Siber, delves into the backstory of how former poachers became conservationists first and tour guides second;
  • Return of the Black Turtle: A photo essay by photographer Neil Osborne that documents an emerging conservation success story along Mexico’s Pacific coast;
  • Wildlife Conservation Travel Tips: Five ways that travelers can ensure that endangered animals benefit from vacations, no matter where you go; and
  • Blue Mind: An essay by SEEtheWILD co-founder Dr. Wallace J. Nichols on how neuroscience is proving that the ocean is good for your brain.
“We continue to use every means we can to personally reconnect people with nature, building a stronger movement to restore wildlife and wild places around the world. WildHope Magazine is our latest innovative tool, we think you’ll love it,” said Nichols.

Each issue of WildHope includes news from wildlife conservation organizations around the world and advocacy programs that people can participate in to help protect wild animals. Future issues will include interviews with inspiring wildlife conservationists and leaders in ecotourism, highlight wildlife conservation tours, and fundraising campaigns that support endangered animals.