Secrets to ATTA Member Success

2 December 2014

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 11.32.19 AMWe’re profiling long-term ATTA members on our website who have taken advantage of their membership in creative and productive ways. Our new Case Studies library is a showcase of members who are maximizing their membership resources to succeed in the business of adventure tourism. We see it as an opportunity to let members lead by example and as a way to show you how we learn which benefits are most helpful to you.

Each Case Study profiles a member, giving their history, background and important details about who they are and how they operate. But it’s not a directory -- What makes these entries actual case studies is that we spell out how each member has worked with the ATTA directly and what successes and learning opportunities have resulted.

Let us know how your ATTA membership is working for you.

Have you ever wondered how attending the Adventure Travel World Summit has directly affected ATTA members or what resulted from having press release published in AdventureTravelNews? Been tempted to download a research report but wonder how the data will impact your business? We ask members featured in our Case Studies to tell us point blank what’s working.

We’ll be adding to the Case Study library over the next few months, so check back often. Find the library under “Membership” on our homepage.