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Say Hueque Joins the Global Community of B Corporations

7 November 2023

Say Hueque Argentina Journeys has achieved the B Corporation certification, recognizing the company's positive contribution to society and the planet. The certification, granted by the global nonprofit organization B Lab, involves surpassing a rigorous evaluation process that measures an organization's social and environmental impact across all areas of operation.

Say Hueque has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability, transparency, and responsibility in its business practices, as well as the well-being of its workers, clients, community, and the environment. The company supports local projects for conservation, restoration, and community development, while minimizing its carbon footprint. Say Hueque has already planted over 26,000 trees (with plans to reach 100,000 by 2024), operated plastic-free trips which save approximately 9,200 plastic bottles annually, and provided support to tourism initiatives in vulnerable areas.

Scoring 80.3 points on the B Impact Assessment, Say Hueque has positioned itself above the average of companies audited by B Lab (50.9 points) and joined a global community of more than 7500 B Corporations with a shared vision of using the power of business to generate positive change in the world. Say Hueque is proud to be part of this movement and reaffirms its purpose to inspire travelers from around the world to experience authentic, enjoyable, and responsible encounters with nature and local communities in each destination. The company is committed to continually improving its performance and impact, as well as inspiring other companies in the tourism sector to join this initiative.

About Say Hueque Argentina Journeys
Say Hueque is an Argentina-based travel company that excels in providing immersive and sustainable travel experiences. At the core of Say Hueque's mission is the promotion of regenerative tourism. Founded in 1999, the company has managed to specialize in pristine destinations from north to south in Argentina and Chile. With a collaborative perspective, they encourage both colleagues and travelers to persist in adopting more sustainable, responsible, and purposeful habits and practices during global exploration.

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