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Savory Institute Announces Sierra Gorda as an Accredited Affiliated Hub

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Sierra Gorda will lead in Queretaro, Mexico introducing SI Holistic Management programming to local communities, government, NGOs and farmers

Queretaro, MEXICO – Savory Institute, an International US based non-profit, announced that it has entered into an agreement with Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda, an organization to serve as a local hub for ecological, social and financial restoration in Mexico through education, training and consulting services.

“Sierra Gorda has been extremely successful in uniting stakeholders on multiple fronts to come together over shared goals. Their commitment to regenerating large tracts of land, to empowering rural people who depend on that land, and to building interwoven collaborative communities is incredible. ” said Daniela Ibarra Howell, CEO of Savory Institute.Org.

Mario David Pedraza stated, “Our objective is to generate innovative opportunities that mitigate climate change and poverty while linking natural and financial capital so that the Sierra Gorda’s landowners also benefit economically. Holistic Management and our relationship with the Savory Institute gives us ample tools to accomplish that objective.”

Savory Institute.Org is partnering with local organizations worldwide to create a global network of 100 SI affiliated hubs by 2025. Sierra Gorda was one of the 2013 Hub Candidates which included organizations from South Africa, Chile, Argentina, USA, Turkey, Sweden and Spain.

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