Sandra Albarrán De Calzada, Querétaro State Governess, Met the Productive and Eco-tourism Projects Driven by Sierra Gorda Ecological Group

11 June 2012

During the United Nation’s Year of Cooperatives, we are delighted to announce that our state governess, Sandra Albarrán de Calzada met the productive and eco-tourism cooperative projects driven by Sierra Gorda Ecological Group.

  • "They are a representative group of women entrepreneurs because they are dedicated, committed and successful women and each and every one of their projects has a lot of heart and a great future," said the President of SEDIF.
  • 160 families of the four mountain municipalities take advantage of their environment without altering the ecology of the Biosphere Reserve.
The President of the Board of the State System DIF, Sandra Albarrán de Calzada, went to the municipal capital of Jalpan de Serra to see the progress of the productive and eco-tourism projects driven by the Sierra Gorda Ecological Group, which benefit 160 families.

At the Sierra Gorda Ecological Group’s Earth Center, located next to Jalpan Dam, Sandra Albarrán de Calzada led a meeting where, one by one, the women beneficiaries of the various productive and eco-tourism projects spoke about their achievements and needs to maintain their activities.

Sandra Albarrán de Calzada noted the expressed needs and offered to look for ways to support them so that they may continue these projects whose aim it is to create jobs and root the inhabitants of the Biosphere Reserve to their communities.

"They are a representative group of women entrepreneurs because they are dedicated, committed and successful women and each and every one of their projects has a lot of heart and a great future," said Sandra Albarrán to the 30 women who attended the meeting.

The President of SEDIF jumped at the opportunity to acknowledge the work of Martha Patricia Ruiz Corzo who heads the Sierra Gorda Ecological Group.

"Maestra Paty, truly conveys a love for the Earth, life, Querétaro and Grupo Ecológico that you can not imagine; it spreads, and talking about missions, Paty, this is your great mission and you do it very well."

The Director General of the Alliance for the Conservation of the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve, Martha Isabel Ruiz Corzo, said that through coordinating the Productive and Eco-Tourism Projects she seeks to promote small and medium enterprises, composed mainly of families, encouraging people to stay in the area and creating jobs that build on and respect the ecological environment in which they live.

Paty Ruiz Corzo said that thanks to funding obtained through federal and state agencies as well as donations from several companies, to date, 160 families, about 800 people, inhabitants of the four mountain towns have benefitted.

Productive projects on the "Route of Flavour" that the Sierra Gorda Ecological Group drives, are: the Dining Room "La Joya Serrana" and the restaurant "Doña Mary" in the communities of La Quebradora and la Cuesta de Huamazontla in Pinal de Amoles; Fonda “El Puerto de Ayutla” in the Puerto de Ayutla municipality of Arroyo Seco, the Fonda “El Crucero" in La Vuelta, municipality of Landa de Matamoros, and the Fondas "The Orchid" and "Doña Chloe" in the communities of El Lindero and Saldiveña of Jalpan.

Likewise, the Sierra Gorda Ecological Group supports craftsmanship through a ceramic workshop "Butterflies" in the community of Soledad de Guadalupe and a herbal remedies shop "Valen Remedies" in the community of Carrizal de los Sánchez in Jalpan de Serra; two embroidery workshops in the communities of La Colgada and Agua del Maíz, an artisan cheese workshop in the community of Tonatico in Pinal de Amoles, a food shop "Pura Vida" in the community of Conca Arroyo Seco, and four beekeepers workshops from the "Sierra Gorda’s Cooperative Society’s" four municipalities located in the region.

As for eco-tourism lodges, the Sierra Gorda Ecological Group advises the following camps: “La Colmena” and “Los Sauces” in the community of Ayutla, and the eco-tourism lodge "St. Maria de Cocos" in the municipality of Arroyo Seco, as well as the eco-tourism lodge" El Rincon de Ojo de Agua" in San Juan de los Durán, municipality of Jalpan.

After the meeting, Ms. Sandra Albarrán toured the Earth Center which recently built a lodge for visitors. It was built with sustainable techniques such as straw walls coated with clay mortar, making the rooms much cooler in the high temperatures of Jalpan.

The meeting was also attended by the Director General of SEDIF, Maria Eugenia Well Zuniga; Monica Mendoza Pearl Pedraza, Productive and Eco-tourism Projects Coordinator and the legal representative of the Sierra Gorda Ecological Group, Roberto Pedraza Muñoz.