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Safari Winners Get Holiday of their Dreams Courtesy of In the Saddle and Ariat

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Mary King presents winner Helen Smith with her prize.

Hertfordshire couple Helen and Daniel Smith are the winners of a holiday to Macatoo, courtesy of In The Saddle and Ariat.

Helen, who works at Heathrow for UKBA, was particularly thrilled to win the holiday of her dreams, and was delighted to have her prize presented at Badminton by eventing legend Mary King: “We love our holidays and this year we particularly wanted to go on safari, something I have always dreamed of but never done.  However, we have a few things we need to do to the house and really couldn’t afford it. Although we could have put it off for a year or so, we are hoping to start a family next year and so it seemed like it would not happen for a long time!”

Thanks to In The Saddle and Ariat, Helen and her husband get to enjoy an amazing riding safari in Botswana at Macatoo.  Macatoo is based in the Okavango Delta where riders can expect to see a range of wildlife.  Rides are tailored to meet the movements of game so riders get to see a great variety including giraffe, zebra, buffalo and even lion.  As the holiday runs all year round, it’s a great way to break up the UK winter, and Helen and Daniel are taking advantage of this by going in November.

“I really couldn’t believe my luck,” says Helen, “when I got the phone call, at first I wasn’t sure if there would be some sort of catch. It only really sank in when we went to Badminton. It was fantastic meeting Mary and the In The Saddle staff were so hospitable. We had a terrific day.”

“It was great to be able to meet Helen at Badminton and we know that she will have a fantastic time,” says Olwen Law, Managing Director of In The Saddle.  “We look forward to hearing how they get on at Macatoo.”

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