Safari Logistics Opens Victoria Falls Office

15 August 2012

Safari Logistics extends their offering to facilitate a ‘Meet & Greet’ service in Victoria Falls

In May 2012, Safari Logistics began their Scheduled Seat Rate Charter service around Zimbabwe. Whilst Zimbabwe remains a competitive safari option, in terms of price, and in comparison to other countries with Southern Africa, the cost to access some of the finest safari areas of the country remains a challenge. In an effort to provide cost effective access to some of the country’s prime safari areas, Safari Logistics took on board the initiative to provide Scheduled Seat Rates to travellers visiting Zimbabwe. Running on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, Safari Logistics flys a return route covering Victoria Falls, Hwange National Park, Bumi Hills and Lake Kariba, as well as Mana Pools National Park. In addition, Safari Logistics provides private charter services on request and on non-scheduled days.

Following the positive response and successful flow of enquiries and bookings, Safari Logistics have now opened an office in Victoria Falls and have expanded their remit to facilitate a ‘Meet & Greet’ service for guests arriving and departing from the Victoria Falls Airport.

The office is located outside the Victoria Falls Airport main building, and is inscribed with a Safari Logistics sign outside.

To make an enquiry regarding our Safari Logistics Scheduled Seat Rate Service, kindly contact Smilo Mabhena on +263 (0) 772 153 649 or email her on [email protected]

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