Rodrigo Ortiz Hintz – Sustainable Travel Consultant

25 February 2013

My name is Roy Ortiz and I am a Sustainable Travel Consultant representing various inbound tour operators, accommodations & activity companies in Spain. I am looking for outbound tour operators interested in the Spanish Sustainable Adventure Market. I also offer sustainable consultancy services and I am interested in networking, strategy development, research and partnership/alliances, among others. I am currently an Industry partner but I have been an inbound tour operator since the ATWS 2010.

Currently I am looking for outbound tour operators interested for responsible adventure travel in Spain. I currently focus on two regions Tenerife, Canary Islands and the Shire of La Vera, Extremadura. All of our activities have a clear focus on developing the regions where we operate in a sustainable manner and we offer our services in English, German, French and Spanish.

Sustainable Consultancy and Adventure Travel in Chile

I am currently the Sustainability Director of SGISO Chile, an organization specializing in the implementation of management systems. I am currently promoting sustainable practices and services such as sustainability strategies, certifications both in quality and sustainable management, marketing and commercialization on and offline and carrying out formation courses around the country.

Chile is at the moment making a great effort in establishing itself as a sustainable destination. It has very diverse environments and unique landscape and cultural heritage. I work and collaborate with local companies in order to create unique experiences to the visitors.

Responsible Travel in Tenerife / Canary Islands

I am currently collaborating with various companies which offer off-the-beaten track adventures in the north part of the island; where the cultural heritage is still intact. It’s a volcanic island in the macaronesic region, with a temperature of 25ªC all year round and the region with more endemic biodiversity of Europe. Some of the activities that we offer include;

  • Hiking and trekking in Teide National Park: it is the highest peak on Spanish soil with 3,718 m. It’s regarded as the world’s third-tallest volcanic structure as it rises 7,500 m above the ocean floor and stands in a spectacular environment.
  • Volcanic Experience, is a tour that transmits the volcanic condition of our territory and how is present in all the aspects; scenery, history, culture, beliefs and human activity. There is a visit to the volcanic tube of “Cueva del Viento”.
  • Masca Steep Gully / Cliffs and other hiking activities. Discover the unique environment of the Laurel Forests (Laurisilva) through our hiking activities The Laurisilva is one of the most unusual eco-systems on earth. It is a type of forest or woodland made up of various species of evergreen trees whose leaves bear a certain similarity to those of the laurel tree and which needs a high level of humidity and mild temperature in a year-round pattern marked by low fluctuation.
  • Traditions Route: We offer and incredible route through “Teno Alto”, a magical spot in Tenerife with amazing examples of traditional practices and local heritage. This hamlet is one of the best preserved villages and keeps the traditional rural heritage of the island. The Rural Park of Teno will draw the visitor thanks to its traditional architecture and unique constructions; “eras”, “tagoras”, “aljibes”, “hornos de teja” and other extraordinary surprises.
  • Whale and dolphins watching. “Los Gigantes” Cliffs is an area on the south coast of the Island of Tenerife that meet the perfect conditions for whale watching all year round.
  • Sea Kayak, Scuba diving, MTB, Paragliding, among others.
I also collaborate with some accommodations and transport companies in the region which enables me to offer the complete experience. I leave some of the links:
  • Web:
  • 2013 Services:
If you want to get to know the region of the “Guanches” from a local point of view; the gastronomy, the culture and the natural diversity with over 600 species of flora and fauna that are unique in the world, contact me.

Responsible Travel in the Shire of la Vera / Extremadura

The Shire offers the possibility to visit a rural destination with 47 crystal clear gorges and sheltered by the “Sierra de Gredos”, a destination chosen by the Emperor Charles V for his spiritual retreat. The goal is to promote rural tourism which helps to improve the environmental and cultural awareness. We offer a range of accommodations all following our quality standards and code of conduct and many additional activities such as hiking, canyoning, mountain bike, rock climbing, rappel, quads, canoeing, ski, horse riding, among others for the more adventurous and cultural visits, gastronomical routes, bird watching, historical monuments and heritage villages, among others; for those who seek a more relaxed experience.

This is the land of the famous Iberian pig; it has a centenary cuisine and a cultural heritage with many different civilizations that have established; roman roads and bridges, Neolithic caves, Templar castles, among others. Inhabited since prehistory, the shire of la Vera has been a land of passage and where many cultures have settled; Romans, Celts, Muslims or Jews, among others. Contact me if you want to discover this unique destination considered as the best preserved in Europe.

Sustainable Consultancy

I am Co-founder of PURAVERA and I have over 8 years’ experience in sustainability consultancy and responsible travel project management. I am Tourism Expert at Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism, Partner with the Fundación ECO-AGROTURISMO for the project “Ceres Ecotur” related to sustainable agro-tourism initiatives and Ambassador for “Responsible Hotels” Community for the Canary Islands and Extremadura. I actively collaborate with Eco-Union (NGO) in lectures and courses related with sustainability field and I am an active member of the “Comunidad Hosteltur”, travel community in Spain where I´ve had several articles published. I offer consultancy services to companies interested in improving the sustainability performance, developing responsible travel strategies or sustainability certifications, among others. I leave some links to some of the companies that I represent and my social presence. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further details.

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