Ripon Printers Acquires New Production Technology

24 August 2015

Ripon-printersRipon Printers, a leading printer and marketing services provider, recently acquired two new pieces of high technology production equipment. The first is the Hang 255-10 flexible high-speed paper drill. Capable of drilling up to 3,000 piles per hour with a pile height of up to 3 inches, the Hang 255-10 is the world’s fastest inline paper drill and the first one in the North American market.

Servo drives for the transportation of the piles, drill heads and drills are just a few of the extremely powerful and progressive technology Hang offers in this top-of-the-line, inline drill. For over 100 years Hang – a German-based manufacturer – has proven to be one of the global leaders of fastening techniques and paper-drilling equipment.

The second piece of new technology is a high-resolution printer integrated by A2N using components manufactured by inc.jet, the first company to integrate multiple HP cartridges into a single printhead. A2N is an authorized reseller for inc.jet. HP TIJ technology – known for being costeffective, reliable and fast – forms the basis of the newly acquired printer.

“Keeping up with new technology in every phase of the production process is essential for delivering the highest quality, fastest turnarounds and most competitive pricing to our customers,” says Ripon Printers’ President and CEO Andy Lyke. “We are constantly looking for every technology edge we can get, and these new additions are excellent examples.”